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Pilates - A Beginnerís Guide!

Author: Sandra McAlly

Pilates - A Beginnerís Guide!

Book Series: Beginner Fitness Series


When people want to get the most out of their health and fitness goals, one of the best things they can do is to find a workout program that they can get behind. A lot of people beat their heads against the wall with their weight loss goals, simply because they dread going to the gym, running or otherwise doing the things that they need to, in order to shed fat and build muscle. There are plenty of weight loss programs out there that people are able to take advantage of, but not all are created equally.

In terms of workouts, people should choose those that give them benefits, rather than just jumping onto the latest fad workout. If this is what a person is looking for, they should look into Pilates, as a way to lose weight and tone their bodies up. This is an excellent type of workout, because it provides people the means to build strength and gain flexibility. Regardless of what people are looking for, they should make sure that they are able to undergo the finest workouts imaginable, and to that end, Pilates can provide this.

Take advantage of Pilates, because it provides a series of benefits. People who want to make sure that they are able to hit their target weight, while building strength, will enjoy the health and fitness benefits that Pilates can offer. When this is what a person needs, they should read this guide, so that they can understand what they will be able to get out of it.


Pilates is a type of health and fitness program that a lot of people have begun taking advantage of. In fact, there are some 11 million people around the world today who are taking advantage of it. A German man by the name of Joseph Pilates founded this exercise program. He instituted this program early in the 20th century and it has taken off ever since. The program has truly gained popularity, starting at the end of the 20th century and in this day and age, remains one of the most useful programs around.

In terms of the Pilates workout itself, it consists of workouts that utilize resistance, while focusing on areas of importance like balance, precision, breathing and focus. By taking advantage of these workouts, people will experience some of the same benefits that they can get when they do yoga workouts. A lot of people take advantage of these benefits, so that it can help them in many different areas of life. For instance, professional athletes have started taking Pilates classes in order to increase their focus and flexibility in their respective sports. This will help people learn to use their entire body in a holistic manner, so that they can build muscle groups and make their bodies more, well rounded overall.

Many people look to Pilates as a way to get in shape because it is different from other gym workouts. A lot of people want to move their bodies and sweat it out, without having to just lift weights and jump on a treadmill. Anybody looking to make the most of their workout will enjoy all that Pilates has to offer, because it will allow them to push past their limits, while seeing fitness results that are tangible. Pilates exercises stress doing things the right way, as opposed to just getting it done. This allows people to work on and build their focus throughout each workout. One can easily see that this focus building will allow people to gain benefits that will carry them through many other areas of their lives, which are just as important as health and fitness.

People who do these exercises must also control their bodies, which can be difficult, since they require that the body be contorted and twisted into different angles and positions that are not the most comfortable at times. By building this strength and muscle endurance, people are able to allow their body to become toned and strong through natural means. For instance, people who only bench press may look big and strong, but will not necessarily have the total body strength and muscle endurance that they could have gotten by taking Pilates. This is why a lot of people turn to Pilates; because it is a workout plan that provides them with extraordinary benefits, in order to meet all of their health and fitness goals, in addition to the goals that can be met in other parts of their life.

In order to learn about some of these benefits, people should make sure that they read this guide, to decide whether Pilates is right for them or not. This is the type of exercise that a lot of people will want to get behind, once they see all that it can provide. This form of exercise has continuously stood the test of time, because it allows people to sculpt their body and to make themselves as strong and limber as possible. Anyone who wants to take advantage of these benefits can sign up for Pilates classes at their local gym, follow an at-home Pilates class or otherwise take advantage of it. This will give people one of the greatest tools possible in order to make the most of their health and fitness, which will allow them to lose weight and build muscle.

Take advantage of these tips and decide whether Pilates is right. A person will be able to ascertain the benefits for themselves and will make sure that they are able to take their health to the next level. As with any health and fitness program, people need to be sure that they also eat the right foods, drink a lot of water and get plenty of sleep. They must do all that in order to make the absolute most of the program and to reap the benefits that come with the territory. Those who are interested in learning more about Pilates are in for a treat.


Surprisingly for some, Pilates has far more mental benefits for some people than physical. The reason for this is that like yoga, Pilates causes people to hone in on their mental state, as opposed to simply doing physical exercise. The reason for this is that Pilates is slow moving and potentially strenuous, which is why people must use their minds to concentrate and persevere through it. This will provide people ample benefits, which will make it so that they have to strengthen their mind, just to get through it. Each session requires a certain measure of focus from the person handling the physical exercise. The person engaged in the exercise will need to quiet their mind and make sure that they are truly living in the moment, which is actually not something that a lot of people can say.

Since the workout is so strenuous and requires such measure of detail, people will need to quiet their minds, in order to make this happen. In the process of quieting oneís mind, people are more focused as time slows down, because they donít have the past or the future on their mind, distracting them with incessant chatter.

When having presence of mind, people will sharpen their ability to turn their minds off and focus on the task at hand. Imagine taking Pilates classes in the morning and then going about the rest of the day, honed in on work. People will become more productive in the workplace and will go on to excel throughout the rest of their day, ready to tackle it head-on. It is for this reason that a lot of people actually become hooked on Pilates and make sure that they go to classes and sweat it out at least 4 or 5 times per week.

The benefits are compounded along the road to progress also, because the mental attributes will allow a person to work harder physically in the workout. Seeing the physical rewards of weight loss, muscle gain, added endurance and energy will also provide psychological and mental rewards, perpetuating an ongoing positive cycle. The mental rewards give a lot of people the opportunity to change their lives for the better, simply by deciding to get into shape. Anyone who wants to enjoy these benefits should take advantage of the many that they can get from Pilates.


Anybody that wants to gain the added flexibility that they might not have otherwise thought possible should also consider Pilates. While many people go out and run or lift weights, they are not enjoying the added dimension of flexibility that people who do Pilates enjoy. By taking advantage of these workouts, they will be able to add to their flexibility and take their health and fitness to the next level. Flexibility will make people faster and stronger, and will also help them get through their days with less pain. This will provide people the opportunity to avoid routine aches and pains, while also allowing people to more quickly bounce back from or avoid nagging injuries. When the body is limber and flexible, it also increases blood flow to the muscles, which gives people more pep in their step on a regular basis. The difference between Pilates and other exercises is that more common forms of exercise typically demand that people move the same way every single time, at different levels of output.

However, Pilates will always throw people out into newer and deeper waters, so that they have to move their bodies in ways that they otherwise would not have had to. People will enjoy the fact that their bodies will still feel young even as they age, due to the fact that their muscles and ligaments are loose and active. This will provide people more spring in their step as they jump out of bed, and will give them the chance to get through their days with less fatigue. When a personís body is flexible, their muscles will remain warm, so that they can more easily get into the groove when doing all of their other activities. This is an excellent way for people to rediscover flexibility that they forgot that they had.

A lot of people stop working out when they graduate from college, which is why they tend to lose some flexibility. As people get older and older, it becomes harder to get back into the gym, largely because of this loss of flexibility. When a person wakes up every day feeling tight, they will find it harder to believe that they can go to the gym and pump iron for 2 hours. The added flexibility, when compounded with the mental benefits of Pilates, is a great reason why a lot of people gravitate to yoga. This is why a lot of people compare the two workouts and utilize it as a means to retain some grace, comfort and flexibility in their lives. Everyday movement will become easier and joyful, when people take advantage of Pilates.

This is a credible way for people to turn back the hands of time, so that they are able to live without unnecessary pain and discomfort. This feeling of flexibility becomes more important the older people get, because this is the time of life where people begin to develop lower back pain, arthritis and other such ailments that come with the territory.


A lot of times when people pump iron, they get big but donít necessarily see the strength benefits that they would like to get. The typical weight lifting body builder focuses on a few different areas of the body, drinks plenty of sugary protein shakes throughout the day and isnít nearly as humanly strong as a person who is truly strengthening and toning their bodies. In the same way that people find incredibly strength through training martial arts and participating in yoga, they find similar success when engaging in Pilates. These Pilates workouts will give people the opportunity to tone their bodies overall, so that they are able to pump up their muscles by fighting against the natural resistance of the earth. These workouts allow people to learn how to use and control their own body weight, which also allows people the chance to build their strength in practical ways.

Compare that to a person who just bench presses all the time. There are very few situations in life where people will have to use the same range of motion that they would when bench pressing. Conversely, people who strengthen their body in a natural way, like Pilates, will have the range of motion that they need, in order to deal with tasks that they would handle in their actual lives. Those who want to truly push their limits should make sure that they take advantage of Pilates, in order to allow that strength to carry over into other areas.

For instance, there is nothing wrong with going to the weight room as the main source of exercise. People who love going to the gym to lift weights will get far greater gains in the gym, if they mix the weights with something like Pilates. The Pilates workouts will prevent people from getting muscle fatigue during their gym workouts, which will, in turn, allow them to do their exercises the right way and give themselves the chance to do their best in the gym.

It would be great for weight trainers to put Pilates in the mix in between weight training days, so that they are able to rest the body, while still exercising it in a different way. This will let people cross train in various disciplines, so that they can improve on each and every side of the fitness spectrum. People who are physically stronger will see their lives become packed with energy, with a decrease in pain. When a person is strong, they will typically have more pep in their step and will have a much easier time jumping out of bed every morning. This is also a great way for a person to sculpt their body, so that they are able to get their bodies into excellent shape for bathing suits when summer arrives. New Yearís resolutions have come and gone, so people who want to get stronger and better might want to add Pilates to the physical regimen.


Mental focus is one of the most important things that a person can have in their lives. Up until recent years, things like meditation and stillness of mind were considered taboo and Eastern, which is why they were not given much credence. But in recent years, people are hailing things like meditation and focus as essential to life. In fact, there are now preschools that have meditation and yoga sessions for the children. Now that society is beginning to give credence to such ways of life, it is the perfect time for people to branch out and learn more about it.

Pilates is an excellent way for people to do this, even if a person has been reluctant to embrace such matters. It is a lot easier to understand the benefits of meditation and focus after taking a Pilates class. This more easily becomes apparent to a person raised in western society because sweating and muscle building are par for the course. It would be a bigger Ďaskí to get people to sit in place and meditate. But the fact that the Pilates workouts include the benefits of meditation, while also providing a great workout, makes it easier to get people involved.

Those who have gone through Pilates classes will acknowledge just how hard they had to work to retain focus, in order to make sure that they execute a specific move with precision, which is what Pilates demands. Because there is no half stepping when it comes to Pilates workouts, people are better able to jump right in and learn the importance of focus as they go. There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than pushing boundaries and overcoming the mind. The great part about Pilates is that it absolutely requires this action.

People who master Pilates will be able to carry out this measure of focus in any other area of their life, which will allow it to pay dividends through and through. They will find it much easier to quiet the mind on a momentís notice, because they know that they had to do this each and every workout. When a person starts to realize the benefits of focus and mental stillness that they are receiving, they will become conscious of them and will try even harder to sharpen their minds. A person who goes through Pilates will most likely go on to pick up meditation as a hobby, which allows these areas of interest to compound.

Above all, a person will have more stamina to get through their day and more fortitude to go after their goals, when they are sharpening their mental functions each and every day. This is a benefit that people of all ages will be able to enjoy, which will provide them with an overall improved quality of life as a result. Anybody looking to master their minds will want to enroll in a local Pilates class, in order to see to it they are making the most out of the control and development of their minds.


In terms of building long lasting muscles that can stand up to pressure, it really does not get much better than Pilates. Pilates allows people to build muscles that can push incredible amounts of force, for long periods of time. The reason for this is that Pilates always requires people to hold their bodies in a number of different positions, for extended periods of time. In doing this, the muscles must strain and suffer, but in the end, it results in a person becoming incredibly strong and able to hold weight for long periods of time. This will be useful to a person whether they want to do better in the gym, or in ordinary areas of life.

For instance, one person might be a weight room junkie looking to get more gains on particular exercises. Another person might be a nurse who works long hours on her feet, and needs a means to overcome such pain through endurance. In that case, Pilates will provide an excellent primer that will help people reach their goals, no matter the reason. They will quickly realize the benefits that will be enjoyed as a result of Pilates, which makes it much easier to show up again to each and every workout, each and every day. People who want to be able to push through other workouts, such as hikes, runs or weight room sessions, will definitely be able to do such when they start to get the hang of Pilates workouts.

The beauty of these strength gains is that people of all ages and backgrounds can experience it. While other people might feel intimidated by the weight room or other such extensive workouts, Pilates is more inclusive to people of all walks of life, who are just looking for a brand new way to get fit. They will be able to enjoy not only what they see in the mirror, but also what they see on the scale. People who are looking to gain solid muscle can use Pilates to help them find the gains they need, to pack on the pounds. Likewise, people who simply want to look better will also get that opportunity, because they will be able to maximize their current weight aesthetically, and get the beach model body that they have always dreamed of.

There are great benefits to be enjoyed when trying to build muscle with Pilates, since it is such a great way to put the muscles to the test. Anybody who needs to take full advantage of these workouts will be able to do just that when they take it upon themselves to add Pilates to their workout regimen. They will be able to increase the flexibility and range of motion in all of their important muscle groups, and the results of such work will be instantly tangible. It doesnít matter what a personís body fat count, height or BMI index is - everyone will be able to get stronger and better when they take on Pilates.


One of the most alarming statistics, in terms of health and nutrition, is that some 90 percent or so of people around the world over a certain age complain about lower back pain. It is the most common form of disability in the entire world. The reason for this is largely because people do not work out their back enough, but instead are constantly taxing their back by applying an inordinate amount of weight to it. Whether people live strenuous lives or not, the back does so much to hold up the weight and motion of the entire body. This can be difficult for anybody, but a number of health conditions can make this an even tougher ordeal - particularly if a person is overweight. When people are overweight they make it tougher to get around, and put more wear and tear on their joints and back.

The beauty of Pilates is that it can take all of these back pain facts and reverse them by allowing people to strengthen their backs with a little sweat equity. Chiropractors love Pilates because the workout is known to align the spine, improve posture and build overall strength in the back. This will allow people who have complained about back pain to make the most of their workouts, while allowing those who do not currently experience back pain never to have to worry about it. This is an excellent proposition, because a lot of people look at back pain as a simple matter of aging. Back pain never has to be part of aging, unless people neglect to take care of themselves.

While things do happen during the aging process, a person will better be able to prevent back pain and arthritis from manifesting, when they take care of their body through exercises like Pilates. A new version of the food pyramid puts daily exercise on the list, which is a radical change from previous renditions. The reason for this is that for years, moving the body and playing was something that was reserved for children. When people become adults; it was time to put those activities away.

This could not be further from what is best for people though, since people who live sedentary lifestyles are a lot more susceptible to back pain and other chiropractic issues. Those who want to hold back the hands of time, and retain a measure of strength in their backs and in their entire chiropractic systems, will be able to do it by engaging in back strengthening exercises like Pilates. By taking it upon oneís self to participate in such exercises, it makes it much easier for a person to enjoy their life, because they have already made the mental step to commit to such an activity. The physical benefits are the icing on the cake, as people will be able to enjoy a holistic life filled with plenty of comfort, while making things like neck and back pain a thing of the past.


One of the best things about Pilateís workouts is that just about anyone can get involved. While some people might shy away from the gym because they feel that they will stand out, Pilates is excellent for people of all fitness levels and body types. The fact of the matter is that everybody will stand to benefit from it, so people should not feel as though they must excel or show off. In fact, even the most in shape people find it tough to excel at Pilates at first. People will have to start from the ground up and will come to embrace the challenge, rather than shy away from it.

The challenge of molding oneself from a piece of marble into a sculpture will make it positive reinforcement, rather than something that makes people shy away. With Pilates, everyone starts at their current capability level and works their way up. This way, no one gets overwhelmed and everyone will be able to move at a pace that works for him or her. Since everyone coming in will have different fitness levels, people will find that instructors are always pretty patient and will push people to get the most out of themselves, while not pushing them beyond their current capabilities.

Another example of this type of workout being accessible to all is the fact that people do not need access to a bunch of fancy, expensive equipment in order to get started. People are able to take advantage of the workouts by coming as they are and building through natural body weight exercises. This makes it much easier for everybody to take advantage of these workouts, since they do not require any prerequisite knowledge or experience.

If people were to come into the workout and get overwhelmed, it would start a vicious cycle. They would get enthusiastic about losing weight or sculpting their bodies, but would quickly realize that they are pushing themselves too hard; by doing an exercise they are not experienced in and are currently incapable of. But since Pilates is beginner friendly, they will be able to jump right in and gain a sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment is what allows people to stay the course, through a series of baby steps, making sure that they are able to remain the master of their domain, while setting newer and better goals.

The main thing that people need to keep in mind is that they should absolutely get in touch with their doctor for a recommendation, if they have any current disabilities, ailments or conditions. While Pilates workouts are beginner friendly, they can still be hazardous to people who are not fit enough to participate. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry in these situations, which is when the help of a medical professional will come into play. These professionals will provide people with the recommendation to either proceed with Pilates workouts, or to participate in exercises that are more suited to their needs or limitations.


One of the ways in which Pilates helps people out is by increasing their awareness of their body. Body awareness is an incredibly underrated attribute, which will come in handy in all areas of life. Body awareness basically refers to a personís balance, coordination and understanding of how their limbs work, in relation to their environment. People who are clumsy often are that way because they have never had to slow their body movements down to baby steps and master each movement through repetition. When a person slows down time in this manner and forces themselves to master movements through repetition, they will gain much better coordination. This will allow them to become less accident prone and more confident. A person who is afraid that they will trip or fall down steps is naturally less outgoing and more timid, than a person who trusts their body to work for them.

Many people who participate in other similar exercises, such as yoga or Jiu-Jitsu, find that their bodies respond well to this sort of training, and it allows them to make the most out of it in all aspects of life. For instance, a person who becomes comfortable working both sides of their body, as opposed to just the dominant side, will feel more comfortable in their skin in all ways. They will be more likely to pick up other physically demanding hobbies and activities, and will have no qualms about hitting the dance floor. This body awareness plays huge mental and physical benefits. For one, people will be infinitely less self conscious if they know that they are in control of themselves and their environment.

They will be able to walk into speaking engagements with their heads held high, with no awkwardness of anxiety about whether they are standing up straight or holding their body a certain way. People will become more encouraged to be themselves, and will be better able to make the most out of each and every activity that they choose to participate in. To put it simply, life will just become more natural and they will move with grace and high self-esteem. This is an excellent way for a person to overcome certain physical or mental limitations, because it forces them out of their comfort zone. People begin to grow and mold themselves, when forced out of their comfort zones.

It doesnít matter what type of limitations a person has, they will quickly find that adding Pilates to their life will make it much easier to walk with their heads a little higher because they know that they have mastered a skill like body awareness. Body awareness also denotes mental awareness, because people will be able to remain in control of themselves and their capabilities. This happens when they put themselves in adverse physical situations that they can only get out of by concentrating and syncing the mind and the body. This will prevent people from delving into irrational fears and moments of self-doubt, because it allows people to truly be themselves, fully comfortable and complete in their own skin.


A lot of people look at six-pack abs as just a pretty accessory to the body. This could not be further from the truth. The core is the most important muscle group in the entire body. The reason for this is that the core is essentially the meeting place of every other muscle group, so the stronger the core is, the stronger the rest of the body is. People who neglect their core typically find that they experience pain in other parts of their body as a result. A person with a strong core will typically have better health and fitness, than somebody who neglects to exercise their core. When building the core, people will also experience the benefit of having a stronger back as a result.

Many people treat the back as an isolated group of muscles, in that they work to build the back, without thinking about the core. The reason why the core is just as important to back stability and comfort is that the core is on the exact opposite of the back. In the same way that people should make sure to build their biceps as they build their triceps, the core supports the back while the back supports the core. Thankfully, Pilates is an incredibly core intensive workout and will give people the best workout that they can hope to get for their core. This will allow people to not only get the aesthetic benefit of seeing their abs show up when they are ready to hit the beach, they will also enjoy the overall body strength that they will build and develop, as soon as they decide to work their core through Pilates. The core is the biggest area of focus in Pilates for this exact reason, so anybody looking to make the most of their core should look to Pilates first.

Since people are often looking for ways to tone their abs, they will be able to get that and more when looking into Pilates workouts. The biggest bonus is that since they are typically using natural resistance and body weight, the likelihood of experiencing an injury is far less. Conversely, a person will be able to come into these core workouts and push themselves beyond their limits while still going at their own pace, so that they can truly maximize the benefits of the workout and get the core of their dreams.

Even the most devoted fitness person often wishes that they were able to build their core so that their six-pack was visible. A lot of people wish this but are not able to reap this benefit, simply because they donít engage the right abdominal muscles as frequently as they should. With these workouts, people will be able to make full use of their abdomen and will get a huge return on their investment along the way. Regardless of what kind of help a person needs in this matter, they will be able to make the most of it by signing up for a Pilates class at their local gym.


When people start to think about workout plans, they typically turn to the same old tried and true methods. These methods include jogging, treadmill, lifting weights and other such methods. These repetitive workouts will surely get results, but will not make people into the warriors that they truly want to be. By taking advantage of a full body workout that makes the body move in ways that will be useful in the real world, people also begin to turn on muscles that they otherwise never would have been able to. The first thing people notice after Pilates is that even if they were diligent practitioners of other workouts, they get a much better and varied workout from Pilates. The Pilates workouts will provide people with the opportunity to isolate specific muscle groups that get little use in other types of workouts. They will build these muscles from the ground up, isolating areas of their body that they may not have even known were weak.

People who get great workouts already will come to appreciate all that they get from Pilates, because they will be able to push themselves to the limit to an even greater extent. Anybody that wants to truly enjoy these benefits will continuously do so as they advance through the courses and become more proficient at each movement. It will allow people to take greater advantage of each element of the body, in a way that weights and running simply canít do. Because the movements are all so different from each other, people will also not plateau, because they will continuously train their body in ways that they never thought possible. The exercises will continue to turn on different muscle groups, so that the exercises never start to feel boring or useless.

Conversely, people will begin to appreciate their body as a whole, because they will realize to a greater extent how each muscle group goes hand in hand with the other, making them more, well rounded and useful with their physical attributes. This also denotes both positive self-esteem and overall strength. People who master their bodies will feel much better about the work that they put in and the results that they get out of the process. A person who sees him or herself going from out of shape to sculpted will quickly crave more when it comes to making the most of these workouts, and because of that will begin to transform their lives through and through.

The beauty of training so many different muscle groups is that they will make each and every part of the body that much stronger. A person who is able to garner this much strength all over their body will have much less pain in their regular lives and will be much less susceptible to fatigue. Keep this in mind when looking for a workout that will definitely kick things into a high gear.


If nothing else gets a person motivated to take advantage of Pilates, this next fact will. Scientists are on record as saying that Pilates goes a long way toward boosting peopleís sex lives. This type of workout is known to boost the sex life, not only in terms of sexual performance, but also in the mental aspects of sex and sexuality. This is the case for a few reasons. For one, Pilates makes people more limber and loosens up the hips, which makes sex good, for obvious reasons. A second reason is that it builds the core, which is excellent for sexual stamina and flexibility. Since people are more able to have control over their bodies, they will be in a better position to switch positions and come up with new positions seamlessly. This will allow people to explore sex uninhibited, with fewer hang-ups.

The mental benefits are clear also. For one, getting into tremendous shape is enough of a self-esteem boost that the natural byproduct is for people to see an uptick in their libido. When people feel good about themselves physically and mentally, they are a lot more likely to be in the mood for sex. This means that people will see an uptick in the amount of sex that they have, in addition to the quality of the sex that they are having. This is incredibly beneficial both for single people and for people in relationships alike. People in relationships may even want to enroll in Pilates courses as a couple, so that they can quickly get on the same page toward fitness, which will pay huge dividends in life as well as in the bedroom.

A person will not have to worry about being able to have sex all night long when they incorporate Pilates into their workout routine, because two things that make people either ejaculate quickly or withdraw from sex are mental focus and poor fitness. These happen to be the two areas that Pilates strengthens the most. When a person has poor mental focus, either due to sexual hang-ups or general mental fog, they will have a hard time staying immersed in the act of sex, thus, they will also have a hard time remaining in the mood for sex.

Since Pilates strengthens mental fortitude and focus, people will quickly see that they are better able to remain in the moment during sex, which will increase sexual stamina. Of course, when people are in shape, they will not only be more willing to have sex, the sex that they have will also be better. It will take some mental focus and physical fortitude to maximize on these benefits, so people should make sure that they attend their Pilates classes faithfully, in order to reap these benefits. In a lot of situations, people who put forth that sort of effort and fall in love with Pilates for its health benefits, also tend to gravitate toward sexual practices like Tantra and the Kama Sutra, which have worked wonders for relationships throughout the years.


Another major draw of Pilates is that it doesnít cost a lot of money! People who engage in other forms of exercise will quickly notice that they tend to spend an arm and a leg for memberships. However, a person who wants to engage in Pilates will be able to do it relatively inexpensively. This is the case whether a person attends classes regularly, or purchases instructional Pilates videos to do in the comfort of their own home. Either way, people can save some money by getting a total body workout at a fraction of the price. Instead of paying for a bunch of equipment to use in their home, or a pricey gym membership, people will be able to work themselves into shape by using nothing but resistance bands and their own body weight. This is an inexpensive proposition, whether a person goes the instructor route or does their Pilates workouts in the comfort of their own home.

When factoring in budgets and expenses, people tend to cut the items that are not a necessity, first. This means that unfortunately, gym memberships are often the first casualty. In the case of Pilates, this doesnít have to be the case, because people will be able to make the most out of their workouts, without it becoming an encumbrance to their household finances. Instead, people will be able to get their bodies into shape for a relatively small amount of money, and can take their fitness goals to the limits as a result.

It also means that people with low income, who otherwise would be susceptible to obesity and poor nutrition will be more likely to keep themselves in shape, since Pilates does not cost a lot of money to participate in. Due to its popularity, there are a lot of Pilates classes now being offered at community gyms and recreation centers, making it an even less expensive proposition. This will allow people to get their workout in on their own time, without having to worry about breaking the bank in the process. This is a much less costly endeavor than other workouts, but provides equal or greater value.

Even if a person does sign up for Pilates classes, they will be able to train on their own time with some of the moves that they learn, if the classes happen to get too expensive for their budget. This is contrary to what people would be able to expect from gym memberships, because once the membership is up, there is no comparable way to get the same workout without the weights. By having the skills that Pilates teaches, people will be able to take full control of their health and fitness and make the most out of it on any kind of budget. It is also a great way to get friends involved by hosting Pilates sessions at each otherís houses, or taking classes together to reduce the cost through group rates.


Another great benefit to Pilates is that people can literally do it anywhere. Once again, there is no need to purchase expensive equipment that needs to be lugged around, so as long as someone has some floor space, they should be good to go. Many people purchase portable mats, so that they are able to take their Pilates workouts with them anywhere, in comfort. This means that a person who travels a lot for work can always hit the hotel gym for a quick Pilatesí session, or whip out the mat in their hotel room in order to get a quick workout.

People will take comfort in the fact that the workouts play a significant role in building and sculpting the body, and even more comfort in the fact that they can take advantage of these workouts anywhere. Typically, when people travel they experience a lull in their workout schedule and have to wait until they get back home to resume their workout routine. The converse to this is that people who do Pilates will be always able to travel in peace, knowing that their fitness goals are not going by the wayside when they travel.

Aside from the workouts being highly portable, people will also enjoy the fact that it is incredibly easy to find a Pilates gym just about anywhere in the world right now. So once again, if a person happens to be traveling and in need of a good workout, chances are high that theyíll be able to do a quick Google search of the area and find a Pilates gym with good reviews, in the area. Pilates is a hot workout right now, and its popularity continues to grow every single day.

That growth will only continue because the country is at a time in which many people are overweight. Because of this, they will need to look for new ways to overcome their weight obstacles and bounce back from them. Pilates provides an excellent means for this, so people will only find more and more ways to get their Pilates workout in. This means that gyms will continue to open; Pilates instructors will continue to gain certification, and students will be able to take advantage of even more Pilates instructional videos.

A person who wants to get daily exercise, but isnít motivated to leave the house after a long day of work, will be more likely to stick to such a workout, since they can get it in the comfort of their own home. A lot of people have turned rooms in their home, basements and garages into areas where they can workout. Because of this, it makes Pilates an excellent workout that people can take advantage of whenever they need to. People should always make the most of this opportunity and allow Pilates to fit into their lives in a way that makes the most sense for them. This way, they can plan their schedules around it accordingly, and will always be able to take full advantage.


While flexibility and mental focus are two of the main selling points of Pilates, this guide would be remise if it did not point out the cardiovascular benefits that come with the territory of taking advantage of Pilates. Because of these benefits, people are able to curtail the effects of high blood pressure, heart disease and other ailments that are at the root cause of poor heart health. The more a person uses their heart and pushes it, the stronger the heart will become.

In essence, the heart is a muscle just like any other, so people need to make sure that they exercise it as much as possible. When people do this, they are able to see benefits in their entire lives. For instance, a stronger heart means that people will enjoy greater blood circulation. Greater blood circulation means that they will have much better concentration and focus throughout their day. This will give people the opportunity to work hard at all of their challenges and goals, and make the most out of their mental processes. Further, people who are currently on heart medicine due to a series of issues may even gradually be able to wean themselves off of the medicine, because positive heart health may give them the option of not needing those expensive pills.

Pilates can be considered natureís cholesterol medicine, due to the many health benefits that it provides when it comes to taking care of a personís heart. These exercises will allow the heart to get stronger, and give people all that they need in order to truly take care of their heart and allow it to get stronger. This is a workout that gets the heart rate up, but it provides a lot more variety than jogging and running, which are typically the go-to exercise when people think about cardiovascular health. A person who does not like to run can easily substitute these exercises for Pilates, so that they are able to maximize the benefits that come with the territory, while engaging in an exercise that will be more fulfilling to them. People who participate in Pilates will begin to enjoy sweating in the name of fitness, and will get excited when they see their heart rate begin to rise.

For best results, people should make sure that they wear a heart rate monitor when participating in Pilates. This way, they will know when to keep their heart rate up and when to allow it to subside. People will enjoy the challenge and will continuously take full advantage of such a workout, since it has innumerable health benefits to the heart, the most important muscle inside of the body. When a person has positive heart health, the rest of their body will be healthy as well. So the next time a person is looking for a great set of exercises that allow them to get the heart rate up, Pilates will be a great bet.


With all of the health benefits named, people also need to keep in mind that they should take advantage of Pilates because it is flat-out fun. People will have the opportunity to challenge themselves every step of the way, so that they are able to truly make the most of their workout goals, and conquer them in a way that is both fun and fulfilling. This will provide people the opportunity to become completely transformed, and always get what they need out of their health and fitness. Some workouts are fun, but simply donít provide enough of a challenge. These workouts are typically really easy, which is why they are fun in the first place. Other workouts are incredibly challenging and great for physical fitness, but are not fun and exciting.

People should always be making sure that they take full advantage of their health and fitness, by giving themselves the opportunity to master a goal that both stimulates their interests and gives them a complete workout at the same time. This is easy to do when a person decides that they want to take Pilates classes for a workout. No task will be out of bounds once a person has mastered their physical and mental capabilities, and Pilates will allow them to do just that. The beauty of these workouts is that the challenge and fun lies in pushing back goals and conquering oneís limits. By introducing new and more strenuous challenges along the way, people will be better able to take advantage of all goals and will be able to push back their limitations as a whole. They will be able to master even the toughest physical and mental challenges, because it will appear to be a fun, yet challenging stepping stone, similar to a video game.

The difference between this and a video game, however, is that a person will be much better off for it, and will experience these benefits in many different areas of their lives. Unlike other forms of exercise, Pilates is something that a person will want to show up to every day, so this will make it much easier to stick to the commitment and the goals that come with the territory. Otherwise, people might just join a workout regimen that sounds good and that will most likely work, but does not stimulate or challenge them. It is human nature to stick to things that provide some sort of challenge, but that also have a benefit that is clear. It is when people do not understand why they should do something, or when they are doing something that they donít enjoy, that it becomes easy to quit.

When a person is engaged in Pilates and loving it, they will be less likely to quit, and more likely to stick to the health and fitness goals that they laid out at the beginning of the program. This will pay huge dividends and translate into success in other areas of peopleís lives as well.


So what should a person do when they realize that they want to join the fray and enjoy some Pilates? The best thing to do is to sit down and conduct some research into the physical commitment required, in addition to the goals that the person has laid out. For instance, Pilates will require that a person is able to hold him or herself up and contort their body weight into different poses. A person who has a serious ailment may not want to risk their health and safety by engaging in such an activity.

Because of this, it is always important to get in touch with oneís physician before even getting started with Pilates. Once a person has sat down and weighed out everything that they need to know about Pilates, it would then be beneficial to decide whether they want to enroll in a class, or conduct their own workouts via a video or other tool. This is when a number of other factors come into play. For instance, people will have to figure out how much the lessons or video will cost and in the case of lessons, where and at what times they are held.

From here, the best thing to do would be to carve out a schedule that pushes goals but is easy enough to stick to. When a person does this, they will be better able to make sure that they are capitalizing on the benefits that these workouts offer. When they have their goals and schedules in writing, staring them in the face, people are less likely to quit and shrink away from their goals.

In the case of a home workout, people will need to be sure that they setup their home or other workout space, in a way that will be conducive to the workouts. In addition to clearing out floor space, people should also make sure that they have proper ventilation, because they will likely be sweating profusely when doing these workouts. By taking advantage of the space that one has, it becomes easier to do these workouts at a momentís notice, without having to run out to different gyms or other places to take lessons.

In terms of financing, people should always shop around in order to get the best prices for lessons. This will ensure that they are able to afford the cost, instead of breaking the bank in order to take lessons. This will give people the opportunity to always get the most out of their workout, since they are able to tailor it and fit it to their particular lifestyle. When a person personalizes their Pilates workout in this way, they will have a much easier time seeing the benefits, as opposed to just feeling like they are doing it because they have to, rather than because they have the opportunity to. When a person feels that the workouts are a privilege, they will be far more likely to stick to them and maximize all the benefits along the way.


In the information age, people have more options and opportunities in front of them than ever before. Now people can research anything that they want with a few clicks or swipes. This opens the portal of information to them, in terms of how they will be able to get the Pilates workout that they need in order to take their physical and mental health to the next level. For instance, people who already take Pilates can download books and watch webinars about how to take their fitness to the next level in that regard. People who are just looking to get started can just as easily find all of the research that they need about Pilates, while also making sure that they find a gym, online instructor or video series that best suits them.

The sky is the limit in this regard and the power lies in the hands of the people. People can even keep track of their progress with cell phone apps, so that they know that they are always getting the best out of the workouts in terms of burning calories and seeing results. People will have the opportunity to truly make the most of any program that they choose, and can always mix in work at home to complement any Pilates classes that they are taking. Itís all about getting an edge these days and the presence of the Internet makes that more possible than ever.

It is for this reason that people should make sure that they find a class or Pilates product that they thoroughly enjoy, without compromise. There are too many options out there for people to half step in this regard, or deny themselves the opportunity to take advantage of the best information in front of them. When this is what a person wants, all they have to do is comb through a series of Google searches to find the best information for them. Make sure to look through the reviews of any instructors or instructional course materials, because not all Pilatesí instruction is created equal. User reviews are pretty dead on in terms of the service that a person can expect, so people should make sure that they do all that they can in order to find something that gives them the opportunity to truly make the most of the workouts.

This will be a huge benefit in terms of meeting goals, because it is a lot easier to stick with these fitness goals if a person is able to remain engaged and committed, due to the expertise and enthusiasm of their instructor. It is pretty easy to get saddled with a bad instructor, and all this will do is make a person wish that they had gone in a different direction. People should also make sure that they read over all of the fine print of any contract, so that they understand how and when money will be taken out, for specific services rendered.


When it comes to working out and staying in good condition, the best thing a person can do for him or herself is to find a workout that suits lifestyle and sensibilities. This can be easier said than done for some people, because it might feel like working out means doing something that is not fun and that is equally unfulfilling. This does not have to be the case, because people who want to should be able to make the most out of their workouts by taking advantage of Pilates. Pilates gives people the excellent opportunity to take full advantage of any kind of workout benefit that they are looking for, because Pilates provides it all. Among the top benefits for Pilates include the building of strength, improvement of focus and increase in body awareness. Regardless of what level of fitness people are working with, they will be able to jump into Pilates and begin reaping benefits. The reason for this is that anybody can begin taking advantage of Pilates by working their way up.

A person who wants to get their fill of all that Pilates has to offer should make sure that they do their research, starting with this guide. The above benefits exemplify why this form of workout is excellent for people of all walks of life, and will push people to their limits with each workout. Perhaps even more importantly, the benefits of Pilates will transcend a simple workout and will instead give people the opportunity to maximize their lives overall.

The focus that people get with Pilates will carry over into all aspects of life. People will quickly begin to see that this is a holistic matter that will provide them the opportunity to improve their lives through and through. There is nothing better than taking control of oneís life by taking health and fitness to the next level. With Pilates, people will build their discipline and fortitude, while also seeing a host of health benefits. People who are interested in Pilates will need to make sure that they find a method that is in their budget, whether it means signing up for classes at a gym, or taking advantage of workouts in the comfort of oneís own home. Either way, people will be able to improve their lives and will know that they are taking advantage of every opportunity in front of them.

Anybody that is looking to take advantage of these opportunities should make sure that they find the help of somebody that can look out for them and point them in the direction of the right techniques. This will offer people all that they need to shed fat and put on muscle, so that their bodies become strong and energized. People will also be able to train their minds accordingly, so that they can become the best version of themselves humanly possible, which will benefit their lives over the long run. Use this guide as a starting point.