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Make Money Selling Supplements Online

Author: Clive Denton

Make Money Selling Supplements Online

Book Series: Making Money


Starting a business is an exciting endeavor. Once it settles into your mind that you are your own boss, it can provide you with a sense of relief, but at the same time cause you a great deal of stress. The daunting challenge of realizing you have to hold yourself accountable for all of your actions and for the overall success of your company might seem overwhelming at first, yet with the right guidance you can accomplish anything. To get started on the right foot, read this book to gain an overview of the habits you should establish, as you attempt to make money through selling supplements on the Internet.

This book explores the various ways you can market your business to maximize your success. The most important aspect of your business is going to be your marketing efforts. How well you market will play a big indicator on how successful your overall business will be. Selling quality products always helps, but being able to actually get people to buy the items you are selling or promoting is the most important part of being successful. Read the marketing strategies presented in this book and adapt them to your work ethic to improve your ability to succeed.

All businesses present some type of risk. If you think creating a business involved with selling anything online is an easy task, you are mistaken. For every person selling something online, there are thousands of other vendors ready to sell the same or similar products. To counteract the fact that you already have fierce competition threatening the success of your business, key strategies are presented in this book.

You cannot hope to achieve any real type of success without some type of game plan. Saying you are going to make an effort to sell products online is one thing, actually following through with creating ways to effectively accomplish this goal is a completely different task to follow. This book will teach you how to hold yourself accountable, in order to ensure your success.

After reading this book you should be able to establish a productive routine to follow on a daily basis. All successful people in life have some type of routine they established, in order to generate sales or accomplish whatever goal they set out to achieve. As you read through this book, think about the type of routine you would like to follow in order to accomplish all of your goals. Whether it is waking up early every day, to workout and take care of errands to provide you with time to work towards your new business, or staying up late to complete your daily goals after work, figure out the best routine for your success and stick to it.

With the unstable world economy, more people are turning towards becoming their own boss by starting a business. Being your own boss presents the opportunity to rely on yourself as a major source of income. With job markets constantly threatened, companies do not provide the same sense of job security they once had. The Internet presents itself as an avenue where people can produce an income.

Learn how to budget your money to avoid risking too much time and effort towards your online business endeavors. Quitting your day job before you see any real profits is probably the worst move you can make financially, unless you have a big cushion to fall back on. This book also covers when to consider transitioning from your regular job to focus your efforts solely on selling products online. It is possible to make a similar wage to what you are earning now through selling any type of product online, especially supplements, but it takes time more than anything else, to see this happen.

One market that is in demand all throughout the year is the market for supplements. Supplements fall into a broad category ranging from dietary supplements to body building supplements. Whatever type of supplements you choose to sell, remember that people want them all throughout the year. You have chosen the perfect niche market to sell products for online; your future success relies heavily on how well you are able to establish yourself in the market.

No one ever accomplished anything on his or her own; everyone received help to achieve their goals and so will you. So use this book to help increase the chance that your efforts to establish your business will be rewarded. Review the information inside and determine exactly what you need to do to jumpstart your business, and then watch it grow without any delay. When you decide to start an online business, it is important to ensure that you will have enough time to dedicate towards promoting your business, and all that comes with achieving your goals. Consistency is the one aspect of online marketing that produces the most results. So if you are not ready to work towards building your online brand and business every day, then consider waiting until you actually have time.


Selling supplements online can fall in the realm of different categories. Find the type of people you would like to market products towards. Also, determine whether or not you want to sell products yourself, or if you would like to become an affiliate for other businesses. Once you can narrow down your focus on how you would like to market in general, good things are bound to happen.

Market Products You Know

Supplements can fall into at least a few categories. What type of supplements are you interested in selling and why? Making money through selling supplements online can be fairly simple if you really know your markets, but if you try to market products you know nothing about, it can be a difficult task. Your best bet would be to start promoting the products you are already familiar with, and then expand further once you start to generate real success.

To gain knowledge on a niche market you need to do your fair share of research. Read articles, browse blog posts, look at website content, and get an overall idea of how much supplements cost for a niche supplement market. If you are someone who is very knowledgeable on workout supplements but who knows nothing about supplements that increase the general nutrition levels inside of a person, then it is time to do research into the market of the latter niche. The more you know in general, the greater power you will have at expanding your marketing and selling potential.

Affiliate Marketing As Opposed To Selling Products Yourself

Affiliate marketing is the practice of selling products for other companies. Every time you successfully market and sell a product for a company with whom you are an affiliate, you earn a portion of the profit. There is no limit as to how much you can earn through affiliate marketing, allowing you to maximize your profits. The beauty of affiliate marketing is the fact that you do not have to invest a lot of money to get your business started.

Affiliate marketing is only done through the Internet. You are provided special links to promote products for websites, and every time someone clicks on one of your links and purchases a product through your affiliate link, the company records it. Each sale you help produce earns you a portion of the profit for marketing the products for a company. Most companies do not charge a fee to become an affiliate with them; all that is necessary is a website or blog to start your business.

There is no commitment on your end, in terms of investing money to create the products you have for sale, when you work as an affiliate. The biggest challenge new businesses face is trying to maintain positive profits. Buying and/or making products directly are costly, leaving you with little to work with after your initial set of investments. Most people today choose affiliate marketing due to its low startup cost and high chance of return on investment.

The downfall with affiliate marketing is that the types of items you sell and the prices you sell items for are set by each company that you work with, limiting your ability to promote products as you wish. So if a company sets the prices of certain supplements too high, you may run into hardship trying to effectively market those products.

The upside of selling products that you either purchase directly or create is that you ultimately have control over how much you sell items for. Choosing to sell products for a discounted price, or having some type of bundle deal for purchasing a group of supplements from your company rests in your hands. The power to market however you wish becomes easier, as you can choose how much profit you'd like to earn on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Many new business owners who buy and/or create and sell supplements online start by minimizing their profits. This is in an attempt to simply establish a presence online and to be a reputable source where people shop for supplements. After a few months of success, these business owners slowly increase the price of their products to gradually increase total profits. Doing this helps promote productive habits for your business to succeed, by growing in popularity early on.

Whatever direction you decide to take on how you would like to start selling supplements online is up to you. If you do not mind having little control over the cost of the products you sell, while at the same time not having to fork out a lot of money just to get started on selling supplements, then affiliate marketing is the path you should consider. Yet, if you are indeed interested in investing your own money to allocate products to sell directly to customers, then buying products and selling them to people is the path you should take.

Adapt With Your Niche

No matter the type of method you choose to sell supplements online, it is important to understand your niche markets and to adapt to those markets. As an example, if you are promoting protein supplements for people that workout regularly, cater towards that audience and follow up with the latest trends in that particular market. One way companies have adapted, in order to sell products to people who constantly workout, is to provide more products that are low in carbohydrates, simply because these people are limiting their carb intake.

To keep up with trends within your particular niche, pay attention to what your competitors and affiliates are doing to market. This can be accomplished by browsing other supplement websites, subscribing to newsletters, and checking in on their social media pages to gain an overall view of what is going on. Gaining an idea of what is popular amongst your niche market can work to allow you to brainstorm marketing methods that will help you increase overall sales.


The success of any business starts with a strong marketing plan. First and foremost you need to decide how much time and money you plan on putting into marketing. Break these numbers down into weekly goals and limits. For instance, you can start by allocating a total of 50 dollars a week towards advertising, and advertise a total of 4 hours a day, or 20 hours in a given week. The more exposure you create for your business, the more people are going to know of your existence, which in turn will increase the chance that they will do business with you in the future.

Start your marketing efforts by narrowing down how you plan on marketing each individual supplement that you have in stock, or want to sell and promote. Determine your niche audience and find ways to market to them directly. If you plan on selling supplements designed for people that workout and who want supplements to help their body recover, then you would cater towards that audience. Conversely, marketing towards an audience who are interested in supplements solely to increase their vitality is completely different.

There are no limitations in establishing a business and then marketing to various demographic groups. You can very well choose to promote a variety of supplemental products to your customers. Take into consideration the fact that the greater the audience you market towards, the more time you may have to spend on devising new marketing efforts. But at the same time, by expanding your market you'll have more potential customers. Find the right balance of people to market towards, and in time all of your efforts will surely pay off.

Social Media Marketing

Today most people take their marketing efforts to social media, in an effort to gain the maximum amount of exposure with minimal costs. You can essentially market via social media for free and receive a significant return on investment. The primary social media sources to generate customers from include: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Most businesses create social media accounts on at least Facebook and Twitter, since these two are the most popular. LinkedIn is another place where you may want to create an account and market, but that social media entity is primarily reserved for professionals as a networking tool.

Establish Credibility With Testimonials

One of the best methods to establish credibility amongst your customers is to provide testimonials on your website, blogs, articles, and emails. Showing that people were genuinely satisfied with the products you provided will in turn encourage others to give your products a try. Put at least 3 to 5 testimonials on your website for people to see and read. Add the testimonials in an easy-to-find location, so that people do not overlook them as they browse through your website; consider adding a testimonial on your front page, another on each product page, and also a tab with a link to other testimonials.

Ask your customers to provide you with testimonials after they use your products. Even if you receive negative feedback from customers, use that as motivation to develop your business, so that in the future fewer people will complain about the same thing. Growing your business means constantly adapting to the things that people do not like about it, because your business should cater to your customers not your personal taste.

People can add reviews on social media. On your Facebook page, encourage people to leave a review for your whole audience to see. Leave all reviews on your page, including the negative reviews. By leaving the negative reviews, you are showing your customers that you are willing to accept constructive criticism. Showcase this further by replying to negative reviews and taking the time to adapt your business to be more accommodating to the majority of your customers.

Dating testimonials can be both to your benefit and downfall. On one hand if you have outdated testimonials from a few years ago, people will more than likely not care any longer. Yet when you do date testimonials and show your audience that some of the reviews are recent, they will be more prone to do business with you. Also, showing you have both old and new testimonials can further establish credibility, since you're showing your audience that people have been pleased with your products for quite some time.


When it comes to the point in time when your business expands enough, you can pay for advertisements. Ads on prominent websites, social media, and even physical ads are all ways to help you gain more exposure, in order to get more sales. The key to growing a business relies heavily on consistency and time. You can get into the minds of thousands and even millions of people that will purchase supplements from your business, but they are not going to even think about doing that if you do not make your presence well known. As long as you run ads and market through other methods, you will definitely generate sales, so even if at first you do not see results it would be wise to keep running ads until your business kicks off.

One mistake most businesses make is that they run ads for a short period of time and then stop. This type of inconsistency stands to hurt the overall success of your business. Potential customers will only see what you have to offer sporadically, allowing them to consider doing business elsewhere. When you are able to market and run ads on a regular basis, it can serve to help keep you at the forefront of people's minds, significantly increasing the chance that customers visit you for their supplements.

Personal Marketing

Promoting your business on your own sends a powerful message about yourself as a person, and the image your company wants to portray. When you place ads in papers, attend locations where you can talk about and market your product, and take matters into your own hands by marketing in the physical world, it resonates with people. The people in your immediate network are the type of people you want to promote your business to, as you begin your endeavors towards establishing a successful company. Dedicate at least a few days a week to market in person, to add a personal touch to your business.

Believe it or not, but calling has not gone out of style when it comes to promoting your business. Find a way to gather phone numbers for people within your niche market and start marketing to them. Calling is another way to add a personal touch to people in your market. It lets them know that you are serious about the products you have for sale and that you are confident about what you are selling.

In addition to calling people, add people to a texting campaign. Ask people to provide you with their phone number so that you can send them promotions only found through text. Engaging customers in this fashion adds another personal touch that people will appreciate. When you add a lot of personal touches to your marketing efforts, your conversion rate will be much higher.

Results Take Time

Time is both your best friend and worst enemy for your online business to sell supplements. The more time progresses, the further you shall cement your products into the mind of customers, thus increasing the amount of potential purchases. Yet at the same time, the more time that goes without any real progress, the harder it is going to be to remain confident and consistent in your efforts to sell products.

Practice consistency with your marketing efforts, and do not become discouraged unless you have yet to produce any real profits after a year. There are some endeavors that people want to work for them, but that they simply never kick off. Knowing when it may be time to quit is wise because you do not want to unnecessarily waste money on marketing products that are not going to generate you money. Still, if you apply the advice outlined in this book and are above all else consistent, your goals will be achieved.

Starting a career as an online vendor is not a business that you can hope to pick up and drop whenever you like. It takes time to establish a career selling products online, but once established the achievement of residual income is rewarding. Receiving regular payments of a modest amount of income is what you can expect, when you seriously take the time to work hard at creating a successful business.


Holding yourself accountable is an important aspect of succeeding in any endeavor that you thrust upon your shoulders. The only way to truly hold yourself accountable is to set goals to strive for. Short and long term goals can help keep you in perspective with the tasks you need to accomplish on a daily basis, in order to succeed. Being successful is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of will; it is true that people can become successful through luck, but it is a person's drive and will to succeed that ultimately helps them achieve great things in life.

Start by writing down the goal you wish to accomplish by selling supplements online for money. Do you want to simply add another source where you generate income? Are you interested in quitting your normal job down the line should you generate enough success through selling supplements on the Internet? Figure out what your goal is and then write it down.

Why you have a particular goal in mind is equally as important as setting it. If your goal is to sell products online to become successful enough to be able to work full time selling products online, then you need to figure out how to make that a possibility. Align your goals with a realistic approach towards achieving them. So if you do indeed want your major source of income to come from selling supplements online, how much money do you need to make annually, in order to justify quitting your job?

Breaking down your major goal into smaller goals is always the best way to help you stay on track with achieving your goals. As mentioned earlier, if your goal is to supplement your income, then how many supplements do you need to sell on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to generate a reliable income? Find out how many you need to sell by figuring out the average sales price of the supplements you plan to sell. That is the best way to get started on the process of establishing success.

It does not matter what type of goals you set out to accomplish, as long as they are realistic and feasible ones that you can one day achieve. There is nothing wrong with setting the standard high in regards to the goals you wish to accomplish, just make sure you are ready to take on whatever goal you set for yourself. Part of being able to accomplish your goal is remaining optimistic throughout the entire process. Setting unrealistic goals that are virtually unattainable can be discouraging, which in turn can contribute towards you quitting in your efforts to sell supplements online.

Now you should have a clear idea about how to create goals, and why they are important to establish. Write down all of the goals that you wish to accomplish by selling supplements online. Post your goals somewhere you can see daily, so that every day you know exactly what is necessary in order to work towards the future you wish to live in.

Holding Yourself Accountable And Establishing New Goals

The only way to succeed with the online business you hope to create is to hold yourself accountable. Holding oneself accountable requires a great level of maturity. Do you think you can commit yourself to market and sell products online enough to get steady sales? Most people need to dedicate as much time as they would to a normal job, in order to achieve success in making money online.

Track your progress daily, weekly, and monthly and see how well you are progressing in achieving your goals. Are you achieving the goals you outlined? Or are you finding it difficult to sell as many supplements as you would like. The telltale sign of how well you are doing is going to be your achievements after a few weeks and months of attempting to sell supplements over the Internet.

When you fail to achieve the goals you set forth to accomplish, it is time to change your work ethic. Get to the root of the problem as to why you are not generating a great deal of success. Tracking your progress is the smartest way to achieve your goals, because it holds you accountable, and helps you understand what does and does not work in helping you generate sales.

If you notice that the amount of traffic you generate is not up to par with what is needed to generate sales, then that is an indicator it is time for you to change your strategies for attracting traffic. Ways to generate more traffic include social media marketing, placing ads, and maintaining a high presence on search engines. Do research on all of these methods of producing traffic, and try new methods to help you increase the number of people who visit your website and social media accounts.

Traffic may not be your downfall, it could be that the layout of your website and the way you entice people to purchase your supplements is not appealing enough. Check how much traffic you generate and if you do feel comfortable with how many people visit your website, then that means the way you present your products is in need of a change. Think of new ways to market your products by adding call to actions, interesting headlines, and by creating an easy to navigate website or blog.

The examples previously mentioned are only a couple of ways you can adapt your strategies to find a way to succeed in making money by selling supplements online. Conducting your fair share of research to see what works in selling online is something you need to do on your own time, to know what works. To succeed, you need to create a unique marketing strategy because your success as an individual is determined by your knowledge and ability to apply what you know, to innovate and control your customers and market.

Time Management Is Key

What do you plan on doing on a daily basis to sell supplements online? If you aim to randomly promote your products every few days or whenever you feel it necessary, the likelihood that you will make any real money is low. The most successful people in this world are the ones that take the time to manage their time wisely. As you broke down your goal into monthly and weekly goals, you need to break it down further into daily and hourly goals. Diverting your time in this manner can help give you a solid idea of what you need to do to work towards making money.

Promoting your website and the products you sell is most likely going to be the most important part of your day. Dedicate at least half of your efforts towards marketing in some fashion. Whether you are marketing by posting on social media, messaging and getting in touch with people, or by creating blog posts and articles, it is a good idea to start marketing as soon and as often as possible. No one is going to know you exist, if you are not getting your name out there.

Buy a calendar or use one on your phone, tablet device or computer to set your schedule every hour of every day. Work around other responsibilities such as work, school, family time, your social life, and anything else that you have a commitment to in life. Writing down when you plan on working towards reaching your goals, and then finding the time to actually work towards achieving your goals, is the best method of practice to actually achieve everything you set out to accomplish. Not committing to any type of schedule is most likely going to result in you veering off the path of working towards selling supplements.


One mistake many vendors make is forgetting to update the products they sell online. How many times have you clicked on a link only to find it not working? Or have you ever visited a website regularly and wished that after a year or two the interface was changed and updated. Customers like modern websites and prefer to do business with people who have an easy-to-navigate website, as well as products that are new to the market.

Outdated products do not sell. Take a bit of time every month to review the products you have for sale and see how long that product has been on the market. Selling an older product that has no interest to your audience any longer is going to be hard to market, no matter how good you are at creating advertisements. Sometimes a product sells itself, so make sure your products are top quality and relevant at all times.

Review all of the links on your website weekly. If you notice a broken link to a product you have for sale, check to see why the link is broken. At times links temporarily go offline due to server issues, or to glitches on the Internet. As long as you are reviewing all of the links you setup to find what is and is not working, you should have no problems with people being able to click on your products to place orders.

Maintaining an inventory of new products can help to further stimulate sales on your end. People will naturally get caught up in ordering the same products over and over again, until they notice a new supplement on the market. No matter the types of supplements you plan on selling, there is always going to be a new one on the market that someone is interested in. Add new supplements to your website and promote them along with the most popular items you sell, to help generate sales for these new products that you have available.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to add at least a few new products to market, once a week. Research to see the new products on the market and acquire those supplements as soon as possible. If you work as an affiliate marketer, then become affiliates for companies that are good at acquiring the newest products on the market. Dedicating enough time to make the right connections to be able to provide the latest products will help you sell more supplements.

Update Your Website Regularly

The layout of your website does not necessarily have to change drastically every time you update the contents inside. What you are going to want to update are the links, products, and actual content. A solid, clean website is all anyone wants to visit. No one likes to purchase products from a website that has glitches and is full of errors.

As the traffic on your website increases, so does your hosting power have to improve. What kind of hosting service do you currently possess? When you started your business, you most likely anticipated anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand visitors every day. Once your traffic increases to tens of thousands of people, it is recommended that you upgrade to superior hosting to be able to accommodate all of the traffic you receive. Being able to host a sufficient number of people means that people will be able to visit your website without any lag on your end, resulting in happy visitors who like browsing through the products you have for sale.

Ignoring the fact that your business is growing can hurt you. Just because you are starting to see profits and are comfortable with where you currently stand at any given point, does not mean that you should stop in your efforts to grow your business potential. The success of your business relies heavily on the support you receive from customers. Upgrading your host might not seem important on your end, but it is important in keeping your viewers happy.

There are usually good hosting deals available online. To get the best possible deal when searching for a quality host, read reviews on the most reliable hosts and find one that you can afford. Pick a host that is a good balance between reliability and affordability. Should you have to spend a bit more money to receive hosting from a company that is a bit costly, it may be worth the investment, in order to allow people to freely browse your website without any problems or delay.

Are you running any promotions that are no longer relevant? Check back with your affiliates to see when all promotions expire, so that you can get a sense of when to remove or update products you have for sale. The last thing you need is to promise a particular deal, only to not be able to provide it any longer. Failing to uphold a promise can result in damaging your credibility, so do your best to follow through with all of your promises by constantly checking to ensure that all sales and prices match what you can actually offer.

Seasonal items need to be removed from your website as soon as they are obsolete. Every moment that passes where you have an outdated item hurts your website in a variety of ways. First, your visitors become discouraged because the content they are viewing is outdated; secondly, search engines will also lower your rank due to the fact that the content inside is obsolete. Maintaining an online store to sell any type of product requires constant work since you have to keep the website up to date.


The essentials necessary to market products for a business online consist of a working computer, and an Internet connection. There are other tools and business investments that can help boost your business efforts. Finding the right person to create your website or blog, taking the time to find a reliable host for your website, and hiring quality writers or SEO specialists to give you content and boost your rank on search engines are all worthwhile investments to grow your business.

SEO May Be Your Most Promising Investment

SEO or search engine optimization is a term that is going to become your best friend if you are serious about succeeding online. All successful marketers and websites have a high presence on search engines, whether they realize it or not. What this term means is your ability to rank highly on Internet search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The higher your website and its content is ranked on search engines, the more traffic you will produce on a regular basis.

Websites, articles and blog posts are ranked on search engines based on their content and the keywords implemented in each. When a person searches on a search engine such as Google, the results they get are based off the rank of a particular website. One of your primary goals in your efforts to establish your business should be to land on the first page of search engine rankings amongst your niche audience. Once you are able to promote yourself to a level where people are finding you, all of your hard work will start to pay off more than you ever dreamed.

To land on the first page of search engines, you need to work tirelessly for at least a few months. Search engines are more prone to recognize websites that regularly produce new content, have an updated interface with high quality content, and that use the perfect combination of keywords.

Go ahead and search for a particular supplement or category of supplements online right now. What pops up at the top of your search engines? Are there any websites in particular that you notice are consistently at the top of your search engine results, when you look up supplements. If so, then review those websites to see what it is they are producing and reasons as to why they are at the top of search engines.

A trend you should notice is the websites are clean, have a natural blend of keywords, and are older entities on the Internet. You too can rank amongst the highest websites on search engine rankings; it is just going to take time to establish yourself. Take qualities you like from each website you visit, and then create your own unique website and brand focused around search engine optimization, to help you establish your online presence.

Hire an SEO web developer who specializes in creating websites that have a high chance of both ranking high in the search engines and appealing to all visitors. Review the website before it is launched, to determine whether or not you like the layout. Do not be afraid to ask for changes from your web developer if he or she cannot justify why the layout for the website is presented in a particular way. Depending on his or her credibility, you may want to go with their suggestion if they are adamant about a particular reason for your website design; if he or she is a proven SEO expert then it is safe to go with their assessment.

Another type of SEO specialist to consider hiring is a writer who is proven to produce quality content optimized with keywords, to boost your website's rank. Adding in the right combination of keywords, in conjunction with the products and content you would like to promote, can be difficult if you are not a good writer. Find a writer to work with, to help provide you with blog posts and articles; if you cannot afford to hire a writer on a regular basis, then at least consider hiring one to provide you with SEO content for each page of your website.

The end goal of SEO should be to cement your presence online in a variety of places. Search engine optimization can be your biggest friend, or your worst enemy. Utilize SEO in your efforts to promote your business, and more and more traffic will naturally start to come your way. Rising to the top ranks in the search engines might seem like an impossible endeavor, but it is something you can do if you are truly dedicated to experience success. This may be the biggest hurdle you come across in your online marketing career, yet once over the rewards are endless.

Just as your efforts to establish a trustworthy brand takes time to accomplish, cementing your presence on search engines requires time and patience as well. Expect to wait at least a few months to half a year before you see any real results on search engines. Consistency is the one practice you need to follow, to increase your overall ability to succeed in all facets of marketing online. Without a consistent effort on your end to rise up in the SEO ranks, you will never find a place for your web pages, articles, and blog posts.

Maintaining your presence on search engines is equally as important as rising up in the SEO ranks. Dropping in rank is easy, if you are not persistent enough to continuously produce content and update your website. Avoid wasting time and the potential to earn a great deal of money, by doing all you can to at least remain at the highest level possible on search engines. If possible, work towards rising up in ranks until you get to the first page.

Ways to at least maintain your high rank in the search engines include: updating the content on your website, creating new posts, adding new keywords to your website, and the most important factor is continuing to generate traffic to your website. In fact, the amount of traffic your website generates plays a direct role in your search engine rank. A website that produces a great deal of traffic is far more likely to rank highly in search engines, than a website that only generates mediocre traffic.

All websites have a way for you to monitor the amount of traffic you receive daily, weekly, and monthly. Look at peak traffic hours to get a sense of when is the best time to add new posts. Keeping SEO in mind, you can definitely make a productive effort to attract more clicks and traffic by promoting new content just before or during peak traffic hours. During times of high traffic, people are more likely to share your content, thus increasing the amount of traffic you receive and helping you to attract more regular customers.

Invest Into Providing Superior Customer Relations

There comes a time in every person's business when they have to face people who are not pleased with his or her business, or have some type of general complaint to make. The important thing to do in this type of situation is to go above and beyond to provide customer service. Never allow a person to destroy the credibility of your business. All it takes is a few bad reviews of your online company and no one will want to purchase supplements from you.

Answer all questions asked of you, in a timely manner. Show your customers or potential customers that you respect their time and are available to provide them with assistance whenever necessary. The more you put people at ease by answering questions, the better chance you will have to actually produce more sales. It takes a bit of time to answer people's questions, but it can pay off greatly in the long run.

Ask questions via social media to get an idea of what your audience wants to know. Perhaps someone is interested in trying a new supplement, but cannot find reviews online and wants to know if that particular product is something they can benefit from. Provide a testimonial from one of your customers or ask the company you are marketing for to give you a testimonial, in order to increase customer confidence. Discovering ways to gain credibility will go a long way in swaying people to purchase products through you, as opposed to any other source.


Your ability to succeed relies heavily on how well you are able to fund your business to keep it going. Without any money to pay for your Internet bill, electricity, money for ads, and to keep your website online, there is no way you can hope to sell products. Even if you are able to barely pay your bills every month that is no way to live. Save enough money and budget your funds wisely to be able to effectively market and sell supplements online, without any worries.

Living with stress can distract you from maintaining proper focus. Whether you want to believe it or not, you are more prone to experience heavy amounts of stress when you are limited in the amount of funds you have available. Have money available, and your ability to succeed will increase.

Establish a budget you will use towards marketing and promoting the products you wish to sell. Working with a budget helps keep things in perspective for you, and prevents you from spending too much money on trying to sell supplements online. A budget also allows you to know how much you can spend, so that you can be effective in terms of promoting your business regularly. A balance is always important in life. Find your balance when selling products, and then focus your attention on how to maximize your money and time.

What are you going to spend your money on to be the most effective at achieving your goals? Do you plan on placing ads online? Are you going to create flyers to promote your website? Take a bit of time to truly think about the ways you're going to be able to successfully market. Perhaps for selling online, marketing on social media and buying ads on websites is much better than spending a lot of money on flyers; people are more prone to click on things that are right in front of them, as opposed to visiting a website they read about somewhere.

Save Profits To Grow Your Business

Earning your first bit of real profit is a rewarding feeling. The first thought that comes to mind when you do make profit is to spend the money on yourself. There is definitely nothing wrong with spoiling yourself for your hard efforts. What is wiser though, is to use the money you earn from your business and put it right back into it, to increase your chances of earning more profits.

Expanding your business by placing more ads as your profit margin grows, and continuing to expand your market are both good ways to allow yourself a way to earn more money. The old saying that money makes money is a true statement that works directly with online marketing. The more money you have to market and sell products online, the more people there will be to purchase products from you; keep on marketing and before you know it, you will get a lot more sales than before.

Put a stash of money away for an emergency. You never know when saving money is going to come in handy, for either your personal life or for your business endeavors. Should an opportunity arise, to invest into a program, ad, product or anything else that has the potential to earn you more money, you want to be ready. Or, if you should fall on hard times after experiencing success for a period of time, at least you will have money to use.

A good rule of thumb to follow would be to save a portion of money each time you are paid for selling products. Most successful people save anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of their earnings, to remain secure. Consider how much money you would need to fall back on should you run into a financial complication, and do what you can to save up that amount.

Remember To Save For Taxes And Miscellaneous Expenses

A common mistake people make when first getting started with a business forgetting to take into account that taxes are due every year. As an online business owner, you shall be held liable to pay taxes on all profits. Calculate how much money to set aside after each paycheck to get an idea on how much you will owe during tax season. Do not be caught off guard, or else you may be left with a bill you simply cannot afford.

Small fees to maintain a business add up throughout the year. From paying for the Internet and electricity, to spending money on items needed for your business, it is a good idea to have extra money saved for these expenses. All of these expenses surely add up, but they are worth every penny if you are serious about making money by selling supplements online.


Working smart and more productively is better than working hard. There is nothing wrong with diverting energy to see your business succeed, just make sure that all of the energy you put into expanding your business is in areas that will increase your chances of success. Try to play the percentages, meaning divert energy towards marketing campaigns and ways to expand your business, through focusing your attention on methods of practice that aim to draw in customers and sales.

An example of working hard but not smart would be to spend countless hours working on an article to ensure that it is published with the highest of quality. Creating quality content on your website is important, but you should refrain from spending hours upon hours editing a simple article or blog post that is only designed to catch the attention of people. People buy more into consistency than into anything else. Even if your writing has a few flaws, as long as the majority of your work is of high quality, your sales should not be affected. Consistently producing articles and blog posts to share with your network will help you attract traffic and sales, not polished work that is hardly marketed.

For instance, an example of working smart and hard would be to send out a few blog posts a day to advertise a few different key supplements that work great together; this is more efficient than creating one long blog post a day. The reason that marketing more than once a day with various pieces of content is a smart idea is because it allows you to establish credibility with more customers, remain in the minds of your network consistently, and it shows your online business is not as linear as people think. Showing diversity in your endeavors to sell supplements online can go a long way in establishing credibility with a variety of niche audiences.

Working smart would also consist of linking all of your social media accounts together. Instead of jumping back and forth between social media accounts, you can make one post and it can span across all of your social media accounts, reaching the various audiences that follow you. Look at third party applications that can help you post between all social media accounts, or of an application that allows you to schedule posts at a future date. Scheduling posts for the future can definitely help keep your business and marketing efforts going, as you tend to other matters.

Sending email campaigns is one of the smartest ways to constantly market towards people who are genuinely interested in your products. At first, sending personal messages might be a smart move to build rapport with your audience, but in time you will find it is very time consuming. A smart tactic to get in touch with your audience would be to create an email campaign to send to everyone in your network all at once, increasing your overall efficiency and allowing you more time to market elsewhere. Your primary goal is to reach as many people as possible, which is the best way to play the percentages.

Change Your Work Ethic

Evaluate your performance at least once every week. Part of establishing a successful business is taking the time to understand your faults and to build on your overall skills. There is no point in dedicating a lot of time towards creating email-marketing campaigns if your contact list of emails is small. In the early stages of your business, your focus should be towards getting people to actually visit your website and subscribe to your emails, which can take months to accomplish.

What are you doing to constantly keep people engaged? Simply creating article after article is a good marketing strategy, but sometimes you need to mix things up a bit. An image that contains statistical breakdowns, or an infographic, is a perfect example of something else you can share with your audience. Start thinking outside of the box on ways to market, and it can help to attract new customers on a regular basis.

Video marketing is growing in popularity more than ever these days. It does not matter if you are camera shy, you can still create an effective video marketing campaign without having to sit in front of a camera. Simply by engaging your audience through words and getting them interested in the products you have for sale, or on the discounts available, is more than enough to catch people's interest.

Your actual work ethic and dedication to your business is another factor to consider when self-evaluating your performance. For every hour of work, how much time is actually dedicated towards working? Are you being as efficient as possible, or do you find yourself easily distracted? Be honest and hold yourself accountable; at the end of the day no one else will.

Distractions are easy to find at home. From playing with animals, to getting up to watch television or to get a snack, there are a variety of things you can do to easily distract yourself. Most entrepreneurs and business owners do one of two things; they either work away from home, or they dedicate a small office in their home that is isolated from distractions. Coffee shops and libraries are good places that grant you access to the Internet and where you can work towards reaching your daily goals.

Work towards building a strong work ethic, in conjunction with a smart approach as to how you utilize your time and energy every day. With a constant effort to find ways to improve your overall efficiency, good things will happen. You are not expected to work tirelessly for hours upon hours at a time, but at least make sure the majority of the time you spend working is towards actual work. So anywhere from 45 to 50 minutes for every hour of work should be focused solely on work, nothing else.

Take Advantage Of Holidays And Seasonal Trends

Holiday and seasonal trends are the perfect times to generate sales, making for smart times to market. When you are able to market efficiently during a specific holiday, the number of sales you are able to get should significantly spike. Take advantage of the fact that people are willing to spend money, and make sure they do so by purchasing your supplements as opposed to those types of products available anywhere else.

Think about the time of year it is when you begin a marketing campaign. Is it summer, or are you marketing in late November when everyone is scrambling to purchase holiday gifts? Cater your marketing efforts so that people will pay a bit more attention towards your campaigns. Headlines such as "Holiday Sale" or "Summer Clearance" are good ways to grab the initial attention of your audience.

Enticing headlines, or articles with a call to action always make for the best conversions. During a holiday sale, add in keywords and phrases such as "limited time only" and "while supplies last" to give people a sense of urgency. When people feel the need to take advantage of a sale, they are more inclined to purchase the products you have available. Continuously run campaigns like that.

Working as an affiliate presents an opportunity to work off of the marketing efforts of the companies you are attempting to help. All big companies manage a variety of marketing campaigns all throughout the year. Find the best campaigns that you can use to your advantage and market on behalf of your affiliates, to create effective marketing campaigns. Your work becomes much easier when all of the marketing is done for you, and all you have to do is simply promote the products that other businesses sell.


The foundation for where to establish your business has been set, it is now up to you to put all of the pieces together to build your business. The contents of this book can help you determine where to start and how to approach this business. Just because there are certain strategies or philosophies presented here does not mean you cannot formulate your own practices for success. The best route to take towards succeeding in any endeavor is to do what works best for you.

The information you were given is a good start, but do not think that this book has covered every single topic regarding marketing supplements online for profit. There are still many strategies available for you to explore and add to your business endeavors. Continue your research on how to effectively sell products online, to give yourself an edge over your competition. Most of the practices you follow are going to be the same throughout your entire career selling online, but there will be small tweaks you can make as the months and years progress, to help you solidify your brand.

Subscribe to some sort of newsletter or online magazine that discusses the latest trends and practices to use, as an online marketer. Selling products online relies heavily on your ability to keep up with the market at any given time. Read what successful online marketers and business owners have done to maintain or increase their overall sales every month. Taking the time to learn and grow even while you are already succeeding can help you remain successful for a long period of time.

Remember to read news regarding supplements in general, and to keep your audience up to date on what there is to know about the products you sell. Being a reputable source of information can go a long way in establishing your credibility.

Image and branding are very important to succeed in any type of business. Branding yourself as a source that people can turn to when buying supplements should be your primary goal. Think of a website name that people will recognize and remember every time they see it. If you are able to brand yourself effectively, the number of people who recall your website name will increase, thus allowing you to generate more traffic and sales.

Expect to spend anywhere from 3 to 6 or more months settling into your niche market before you are able to generate consistent profit. In the beginning of your online marketing efforts you may see sales here and there, but the sales generated will most likely be sporadic. Seeing a consistent trend is what you're going to want to look at, in terms of sales and profit. Before you are able to justify quitting work or allocating more time and money into your online business, it is best to wait and see if it is actually going to be profitable.

Success in the online world does not happen for everyone, mainly because people quit before they see any real results. Do not anticipate a large number of sales right away, because you will be disappointed. What you need to do is be realistic with your goal setting and expectations in selling supplements online. The more honest you are in your ability to sell products, the better chance you will have at creating ways to improve overall sales as time progresses.

When your business grows to a level where you have to hire an assistant and other people to help you keep it going, it will be wise to have them read this book. You all want to be on the same page on how you think about marketing and making profits by selling supplements online. Since this book is what you will use to build the foundation of your website, share it with others to help them get an idea of how you think.

Brainstorm ideas with your team to come up with strategies for how to progress as your business begins to develop. Listen to the ideas each of your partners has and try to implement at least some of them into your marketing efforts. Sometimes the ideas other people have can help make a significant boost to the success of your business. You may already have proven yourself in your ability to jumpstart your business, but other people can have ideas that you never conceived, which could be beneficial for continuing the growth of your online store.

Establishing a reputable website that is able to supply people with supplements can prove quite profitable. Tapping into markets for people who are interested in building muscle by providing supplements for them to use before and after workouts is one market. Another market is for people who are interested in vitality enhancements, and a third market is for people who are interested in sexual stimulation supplements. The path you choose in regards to selling supplements is entirely up to you. Consider looking into one or two markets alone, when you first begin and then expanding your presence after you are successful.

Your business at some point will naturally promote itself, once you have created an online presence powerful enough to be found in a variety of places. Search engines, online advertisements, and social media are the three prominent places where most of your traffic will come from. Focus most of your attention on those three areas, to be able to pull in customers from various sources.

Residual income will be yours, and before you know it people will find your social media pages, visit your website, and find both your social media pages and website content on search engines. The more places you allow people to find you on the Internet, the more likely they are to browse your other entities as well. With that in mind, make it so that your followers can visit your social media pages through your website, and that your visitors can also easily navigate to your website through social media. Allowing for the gears to essentially turn on their own can help you reduce the amount of time and effort you need to spend on marketing, once you completely establish your online presence.