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10 Historic Moments Of The Internet

Author: Oliver Crompt

10 Historic Moments Of The Internet

Book Series: Historic Moments


When looking at the Internet, there are a lot of things that transpired that have created this tool and made it what it is today. Anybody who wants to understand the way that the internet has developed, should use this resource as a guide in order to learn about the things that took place for it to become one of the most useful inventions ever. When it comes down to it, a person could accurately say that the internet is one of the most important things that has ever happened to mankind. People use the internet in all sorts of ways, in order to communicate on both a personal and professional level. It is to the point that any legitimate business now has a web site and uses the internet on a daily basis in order to make sure that they are able to operate.

When it comes down to it, people need to be sure that they understand the ins and outs of the internet in terms of a definition of what it actually is. This is important, because the internet has changed and evolved throughout the years, to the point that it has become an entirely different model than before and continues to take reach new heights. A lot of changes have made the internet the tool that it is, which has taken off in terms of usefulness and efficiencyt. People enjoy it for so many reasons, as the world wide webWorld Wide Web is vast.

Anybody who wants to be sure that they are able to get a great understanding on of this tool should make sure that they look into this guide and make sure that they understand the ins and outs of everything that comes with it. This guide will put in perspective the things that happened for the internet to become the incredible tool that it is to this day. It had humble beginnings and has since skyrocketed to a level that made it one of the most incredibly useful tools that people use every single day. This guide will provide people with all sorts of information that will allow them to get all that they need to gain this understanding, so that they are able to truly know the things that went into the creation of this tool. Take full advantage of this guide, in order to learn about the way that the world wide webWorld Wide Web works.


People who think back to the nineties will most likely look back at dial up with either found memories or painful memories. The sound of a dial up modem ringing is something that people who discovered the internet during this time will probably never forget. These modems were the first types that most people had in terms of their personal internet use. It was during this time period that people began embracing the internet and when owning computers became very common. It began getting to the point that owning a computer was about as common as owning a television, which sounds like a given now, but was clearly not always the case.

These modems were the first types that allowed people to connect to the internet in order to find the information that they needed. The early stages featured people using 9.6K, then 28K modems, which were not very fast, but got the job done. The most common form of dial up, which got the most traction and had the longest shelf life was the 56K modem. The 56K modem was one of the fastest forms of dial up internet, which allowed people to get online and join the many people around the world who began taking part in the online experience for the first time. Many people began embracing online games during this time, which allowed them to embrace computer use, so that they are were able to learn all about the world wide webWorld Wide Web and everything within it.

Though the speeds of the 56K modem were fast for their time, the technology was limited, in the sense that people had to either use a second phone line, or will deal with dropping the calls. This proved to be an encumbrance to some people, but many people were glad to finally join the online world. There were a variety of online services that people used in this time, including CompuserveCompuServe and WOW!, but it was clear that America Online which emerged as the clear leader when it came to online services. The beauty of these online services is that people not only got the chance to browse the web, but people could say that these were the first forms of social media.

People were able to get online tags for these services, which allowed them to create profiles and link up with other people who also took part in that service. Online users began getting e-mails for the first time, during this era, and during this time, most online use was personal, but businesses began to catch on. During the dial up era, businesses began to create web sites for the first time, as they began figuring out how to market to their consumers. Forming Registering dot com addresses and creating websites started to become fashionable, as the entire world was trying to learn how best to use these forms of internet, so that they were able to put the word out about the things that they offer. This was a time where people truly began learning how to use these tools, so that they are were able to understand how it can best be used, and gives people the opportunity to embrace the platform.

It doesn’t matter what people are looking for when it comes with the territory, tThe internet had some truly critical beginnings, and one can say the dial up era was the foundation, which allowed people to begin owning computers and embracing the technology that was created.


You’ve got mail! This phrase was heard countless times throughout the nineties, due to a service called America Online that took the country by storm. The reason it took the world by storm is that it created a bridge between the unknown technology used to connect a network of computers together, and created an easy to use, friendly interface, which allowed the average person to get online and enjoy it.

When America Online came out, people began using the internet in record numbers, and began branching out and enjoying the world wide webWorld Wide Web. This opened a new platform of information for people looking to connect with others and with a host of information. This software company really went all out to get everyone signed up, as they used to send out discs in the mail that allowed people to sign up for the service and even get a free trial. With this service, the internet also gained a mainstream face, and television broadcasts began acknowledging the presence of the internet, giving viewers the opportunity to further the information that they gained while watching the original broadcast.

Slowly but surely, the internet began taking off to new heights and allowing people the opportunity to enjoy it. People who wanted to connect for strictly fun and entertainment purposes were able to click on any one of the tabs that allowed for things like movie news and reviews, TV discussion chat rooms, free games and cartoons and were able to do see all of that with a few clicks of the mouse. Anyone who wanted to get their news fix were was able to look at the online version of many stories, pulled straight from AOL’s news section. This made it possible for people to start the day with their morning AOL fix, as opposed to their morning newspaper and coffee.

Either way, this software changed things in terms of how people began to take in their news. People who wanted to browse the web freely were also able to do that, as they could also take full advantage of the web browser included with the software. This provided people with plenty of incentive to do a number of things that they loved and enjoyed, while also having the ability and opportunity to get do research in on anything that they could think of. People now did not have to wait to go to the library to find out such information and were able to apply this technology toward anything that made their lives easier.

It was clear that America Online increased the use of computers in the home and truly did a lot to bring internet use to mainstream levels. There were plenty of pop culture references to the company that made it a household name when it came to any and everything that people used the internet for. Once could also say that this platform was the first bastion of social media, as people made creative screen names, with profile information and pictures, which allowed them to get in touch with each other and chat via instant message.

In many cases, when meeting new people, the first thing that they would ask is their AOL screen name, so that they could have further correspondence. This is similar to today, when people take down each other’s Twitter handle or Facebook information when they meet each and other and want to keep in touch. It was clear that America Online was at the forefront of this sort of change and innovation and made it easier for people to get involved. As the service became more popular, AOL began lowering the price and offering more price accessible plans, so that everyone would be able to take advantage. For instance, the company initially had plans that allowed people to pay based on the amount of time they could use, and they had a tier system when it came to how many much a person or household would need. But as time went on, they began lowering these prices and came up with an unlimited plan, so that more people could take full advantage of the service without any kinds of limitations or restrictions. This really opened the door for widespread internet use and allowed people every opportunity to make sure that they got online and took full advantage of everything that the service had to offer. As the system grew, a lot of other online service providers began beefing up their products as well, which allowed an even greater number of people to begin getting online.

In response to this, America Online found a way to bridge the gap between services and allow everyone the opportunity to download AOL Instant Messenger as a Third Party app. This way, a person could have a subscription to CompuserveCompuServe or some other kind of service, and would still be able to get online and chat with someone who had America Online. Further, two people who never haddid not have America Online could also begin to talk to each other. By opening up their world, AOL was still able to provide a brand to their product and allowed people to make the most out of their internet use in a way that made the most sense for them. They truly pioneered and revolutionized the way that the internet is used and gave people the opportunity to get online who may never have thought about it otherwise. It was a pop culture phenomenon that ruled the 90’s and introduced the internet and the world wide webWorld Wide Web to people who may never have even considered getting online.

Because of this, anybody studying the impact and the history of the internet will want to take a hard look at AOL in order to see the contributions that they made to this invention. Making the internet mainstream is no small matter, and it is clear that many of the steps they took were valuable in shaping and analyzing the way that the internet is used by the average person to this day.


Without question, cable internet truly opened the door for much of the content and the way that people use the web today. It also furthered the advancements advances that had come in the form offrom dial up and a variety of other internet services. Not only did it mark a change in terms of the way that people used their internet, the technology made it a lot easier for people to do things that were formerly cumbersome. Before peopleTo understand the impact of cable internet, they you should first get an idea for of what it is and how it works. For starters, cable internet is an advancement over dial up, because it runs through the signal infrastructure that allows people to watch cable television, as opposed to phone lines.

This form of internet is available from cable providers and often allows people to have it installed easily, by using a free cable TV jack to plug into a modem. The modem allows people to hook up all of their devices via an Ethernet cable, or through the use of a wi-fiWi-Fi network, if they have a router or modem in their home that allows for such capabilities. People can send an internet connection throughout their entire home, so that they are able to connect in a lot of different rooms, as opposed to just connecting in the room that is directly hooked up to the modem or router itself.

One of the greatest perks of cable internet is the fact that it is always on. When people use dial up, they have to log in and out, to make sure that they are only on when it comes time to use the internet. In the dial up era, people had to contend with issues, such as only being online when no one was using the phone. Further, many people had to bite the bullet and account for the expense of another phone line, instead. What this did was to cause people to pay a lot more money in the process for a service that should be fairly simple to use otherwise. Another downfall of dial up internet is was that it was painfully slow, compared to cable internet.

The nineties waswere filled with references to slow dial up sounds, because it is something that anyone who came in contact with the internet during this era had to deal with. The flipside of this with cable internet is that people who connect are on indefinitely. This meant that they did not have to worry about tying up a phone line or waiting for their internet to connect. Instead, all they had to do was get online and use it until they did not want to anymore.

The difference in speed is was also evident when it came to actually using the internet. Some things are painfully slow on dial up that work like a dream with cable internet. For instance, watching a streaming video on dial up is either incredibly choppy or not possible, depending on the speed of the dial up modem. However, it was when cable internet was introduced that sites that provide streaming content came to prominence. YouTube is a direct result of the availability of high speed internet, which was birthed by cable internet. Even just browsing web sites became a lot more fun and doable through the use of cable internet. With dial up, Ppeople who go on to a lot of web sites that contain graphics might find often found it so slow that themselves they were able to brew a pot of coffee while they waited for their site to load.

However, with high speed cable internet, people are able to browse between a lot of different sites, without having to worry about how fast the internet site will load. People who take a great toll on their internet usewho are heavy users of the internet are were really in for a treat with dial upcable, as it became a gamer’s dream. People who used to have to deal with laggy multiplayer games online were treated with to excellent speed when they were able to get online by using cable internet, a method that transformed the way that gamers operated. This opened the door for high speed online game play, both for computers and for console games. Because of this, people continuously began communicating with each other over many different mediums and this truly shaped the way that common people use the internet on a daily basis.

When combined with wi-fiWi-Fi, people who use cable internet are able to power deliver a connection to a number of different devices, at the same time, via the wireless signal. This allows people to get high speed internet access with their computers, televisions, cell phones, video games and other such devices. Regardless of what kind of computing application a person wants to do online, speed is typically a much needed factor. The advent of cable internet has allowed people to download large files at blazing speeds, communicate live via web chat and a host of other unique and interesting perks. This high speed internet has also opened the door for an increase in the way that businesses communicate, as it allows people of different companies to share larger amounts of important information with each other at speeds that were never before possible.

It is a very important part of the evolution of the internet and truly opened doors for people to do things that they otherwise would not have been able to, in terms of use of the internet. Anyone who wants to chronicle the rise of the internet should make sure that they take this part of it seriously, in order to truly get a grasp on how they internet formed and became the giant that it is today. This way, they can have a real appreciation for its humble beginnings and will be able to better understand the important steps that led people to use the internet in ways that make the most sense for them. This truly helped the internet reach the mainstream status that it currently has and made people’s lives easier while using it.


Without question, one of the most prevalent things that people do on the internet is to download music, and a variety of other entertainment based items. In the year 1999, Napster came out and changed the way that people got their hands on music and other forms of entertainment based content. Because of this, they clearly changed the model and made it easier for people to get their hands on music. The very basis of Napster is that it is a peer to peer program that allows people to join up, make their computers communicate and share files in a way that gives people the opportunity to download and share files with each other. By doing this, people were able to learn all about their favorite artists by getting their hands on the music that they love.

This was a gift and a curse to popular culture, because it led to a large downfall in the recording industry, since people stopped paying for music in droves and instead went online and got their hands on the music by making sure that they were able to get the songs and albums that made sense for them through peer to peer sharing. Napster was an easy to use program, since it gave people the opportunity to simply type in the name of their favorite artist or the name of a song, and would download it in minutes. This advancement in media consumption also changed due to the advent of high speed internet, because it would take hours to download a file on dial up that would take a few minutes to get with high speed internet. Because of this, people were able to branch out and find the best forms of music that they enjoyed, on so many levels.

After a year or two, Napster began finding itself involved in a number of legal battles, which made it so that they had to spend a great deal of money in order to ward off this litigation. Eventually, the government took Napster down, due to the lawsuit, but the change was clear. Napster opened the door for a model that largely is still in place today, in a few different models. When Napster got shut down, they changed their model into a pay service, so that people could still get their hands on the music and other media that they like, without having to worry about the legal loopholes that used to come with the territory.

However, when Napster got shut down, a number of programs came to prominence that allowed people to do the exact same thing. These programs became plentiful, with people cycling between different ones and swearing by their favorites. Some of the most used peer to peer download services at this time included some such as Limewire, Kaaza, Bear Share and Grokster. The main takeaway from all of this is that it was clear that people wanted to consume their media quickly by downloading it online.

One can easily say that the advent of Napster opened the door for the entire set of models that followed it and that are well used by all. For instance, iTunes has emerged as the standard when it comes to purchasing albums online. The iTunes store is used by countless people in order to purchase albums, meaning that people did not always have to stop by their local store in order to purchase a CD. Instead, people could use an account that allows them to always have access to their favorite albums, whether they are listening to them exclusively on their computer or in the cloud by getting them on a variety of different devices. When it comes down to it, people need to also look at some of the other services that come with the territory, that are clearly influenced by Napster.

For instance, Amazon has a number of different platforms that allow people to take advantage of this by purchasing their favorite songs, albums, movies and TV shows. In this day and age, it is clear that people want to consume their media online on a great level, since people have all sorts of apps available that will let them watch their favorite shows and movies, without having to stop out to the store for a movie rental. For instance, services like Netflix and Hulu have basically put video stores out of business and opened the door for a variety of different platforms that people now prefer overwhelmingly. For instance, people are now watching shows on a number of different streaming services, including HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, Watch ESPN and so many more. This gives people the opportunity to do all that they can in order to take full advantage of their favorite media, so that they are able to get the benefit of everything that they need on the devices of their choice.

Napster set the tone for these changes and it was incredibly important that they did, since many people in this society prefer to take advantage of their media by watching in on a number of different pieces of equipment. For instance, people love watching and listening to content on tablets such as iPads, in addition to take advantage of it by consuming them on their phone. People love watching and listening to content on the go, which allows them to do all that they can in order to take full advantage of these instances.

When people want to look through the history of the internet, it is very important to look into the precursors that came before today’s current standards. This will allow people to understand what comes with the territory of the growing internet. Historians will be able to make sure that they get a firm grasp on the internet but taking a look at Napster and seeing how far things have come since they released their services. Even though the company was eventually shut down and sold, it did a lot to change the way that the internet is used and how people took full advantage of it.


One of the major ways that people stay in touch in this day and age is through the use of social media. Facebook changed the world forever when they opened enrollment to college students with .edu email addresses. It was a service that allowed people to communicate and share all sorts of information with each other. The service let people have all sorts of conversations and also share status updates, photos, lists, favorites and so much more. As time went on, Facebook began extending the availability to people at community colleges, specific companies and then it was eventually open to the public. Once it was opened to the public, people began taking full advantage of it and engaging in all sorts of conversations that changed the way that the world keeps in touch.

This company took off to the point that it is the most recognized social media outlet in the world and is now a publicly traded company. In this day and age, the average person logs on to Facebook multiple times throughout the day, in order to communicate with each other and provide updates on what they are doing, while also chiming in on statuses and information posted by others. People also share news and things that they enjoy on Facebook, in order to allow others to learn about them and to begin initiatives. It has grown into a platform that people use constantly, even when on the go, thanks to tablets and smart phones.

MySpace was a similar social media outlet, though it was more graphically enhanced and allowed people more freedom when it comes to the decoration of their pages. Unlike Facebook though, MySpace was never limited to college students only and began as a platform that was to be enjoyed by all people. It truly grew into a media based outlet, as movies would include MySpace links at the end of their commercials and trailers and it became a hotbed for music artists to share their latest songs. It gave people the ability to post their concert and tour dates, so that fans had a great way to connect with people that they followed and learn about those that they had just discovered. From Facebook and MySpace came a host of other social media platforms that have also truly changed the world.

For instance, Twitter was introduced later and is arguably the most recognized social media platform today. MySpace has taken a backseat to Facebook and Twitter, though all three have enjoyed massive success, due to the fact that they addressed athe human need to connect and did it in many different ways. For instance, Facebook was built as a way to quickly and easily share updates, while archiving them by date and creating photo and video albums that can be accessed by friends whenever they’d like. MySpace provided much of the same, but gave users greater control over the presentation of their sites and allowed them to have more personality.

Now, the model of internet use has reached the third frontier, thanks to these social media outlets. When the internet first rolled out, it was stripped down communication without the use of such graphical interfaces. America Online and web browsers came out and allowed people the opportunity to truly make the most of their internet use, and this grew the ownership of computers as a whole, in addition to changing the way that people communicate. The third frontier includes social media and smart phone use, which has caused the internet to evolve into a form of communication that is always on and always prevalent.

When a person wakes up and goes about their day, they will typically be in constant conversation with the world, in some form or fashion. While the world is vast and growing, in a sense, the world became smaller with the advent of on- the- go internet and social media. Now, when something happens hundreds of thousands of miles away, people can pick up on it almost instantaneously. This has changed everything in terms of the ways that people communicate, from the top down. A lot of people are on these social media platforms, to the point that Facebook is just as used as the phone book or a land line phone used to be. If people are looking for someone now, one of the first places that they go to is their Facebook account, in order to learn as much as they can about them.

These social media platforms have been immortalized now in a series of movies, books and documentaries. Their business models have been studied, to the point that bright minds in all fields are looking into an understanding of how they have been put together and how they grew so rapidly. The internet and social media have drastically changed the way that people advertise and are advertised to as well, since the old ways are not working the same. No longer do most people open up the newspaper on a Sunday to find out the latest deals and sales—now, people can find out all about these things by going online whenever they want, on any device. Many social media outlets, such as Groupon and Living Social, exist solely to provide people with the opportunity to get their hands on all kinds of deals, straight to their cell phones.

This would not be possible if the founders of social media sites like Facebook and MySpace did not step to the forefront. In doing so, they truly changed the way that the world consumes its media and made it so that people have the opportunity to communicate and share things in ways that they never would have been able to otherwise. Because of this, anyone researching the timeline of the internet will need to include these social media sites, because they truly revolutionized the way that everyone communicates, and those changes are still happening every single day, as time goes on.


If a person is to look at an invention that changed the world, such as the television, a lesson that they would learn is that the key to staying power is innovation. Though plenty of people still watch television, the way that people watch it has changed drastically. The advent of content channels has completely changed how people look at their media and allows them to do it on their own time. YouTube is an online service that gives people the opportunity to search for a variety of content of all types, regardless of the subject matter. For instance, people can look for anything from original comedic videos or music videos, to live streams of world news or speeches from their politicians. This content engine features a countless amount of information that people can digest, in order to learn about the world happening around them or simply to enjoy a bit of entertainment.

Other video channels, like NetFlix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, the WWE Network and NFL Sunday Ticket, give people the opportunity to truly digest their media favorites wherever they are, as long as they have the app that corresponds. Aside from YouTube, Netflix has been perhaps, the most monumental and influential streaming video channel of all. The company started as a means for people to watch their favorite movies and TV shows with a DVD subscription service. All they had to do is put their favorite movies and TV shows in a queue, which allowed them to rent them and watch them on their own time. When they sent them back, they were able to get the next videos in their queue, so that they could continuously watch them and catch up on their favorite shows, or catch movies that they had never seen before.

From here, Netflix took it a step further by introducing a streaming platform that allowed them to watch things with the click of a mouse. Netflix was also available on a variety of different gaming platforms and tablets, and came included on a variety of internet enabled television sets. Little by little, Netflix began chopping into the market share that was controlled by movie rental services, until eventually, businesses like Blockbuster ceased to exist. What this did was made it possible for people to control the content that they wanted to watch and the schedule that they watched it. Rather than wait to watch a television show at a specific time and channel every week, people would get into the habit of binge watching shows and catching up to them on their own time.

The providers of content began taking notice of this and uploading their shows either onto Netflix or their own privately owned platforms. In response to certain networks pulling their shows, Netflix began creating original content, and became home to some of the most critically acclaimed shows produced, including House of Cards and Orange Is Thethe New Black. This monumental shift made the gatekeepers in the industry go back to the drawing board and truly realize that people want to indulge in their content in a different manner now, so the world would have to follow suit.

Once these changes took place, cable providers began offering a plethora of options. In addition to catching shows as they air, most outlets also allow people to watch episodes on demand, either on their computer or on a variety of different web enabled devices. They were also able to purchase TV episodes in an a la carte manner, as opposed to having to subscribe for a particular service or have a cable package that allows them to view these shows. For instance, sports leagues began selling their subscription packages separate from having to be a member of the cable or satellite package. This opened the door for a lot more people to take advantage of their products and changed the way that people watched these events. Now, a person could be on the go and still catch a PPV boxing match, or their favorite football game.

This allowed people to open their worlds to a variety of different tastes that they would not have acquired otherwise, while also changing the standards by which things are judged and appreciated. For instance, in the earlier days of television, people became household names based on a particular appearance on a well watched television show. Now, everything is split off into little niche segments, so it is harder to gain that sort of acclaim to the masses. By that same token, this allows artists and content creators to focus more on their particular markets, since the fans can be spoken to more directly and are likely more tuned in to their particular niche, due to being segmented by all of these services.

This gives more power, both to the consumer and the creator, and truly allows people to search deeper for the things that really interest them. These streaming services bring people more entertainment for a much smaller price tag. Some other companies, such as World Wrestling Entertainment, are continuing to push and test the boundaries of these models. For instance, their launch of the WWE Network allows subscribers to take advantage of the entire catalogue of wrestling pay-per-views from past events from the largest three wrestling companies of all time, WWF/WWE, WCW and ECW. They also air their monthly PPV specials on the network, allowing subscribers to get them live and on demand for as long as they want, with a subscription price of $9.99. This monthly subscription price tag pales in comparison to the typical price of PPV events, which would easily run $60 or more. This new model is completely fresh, but it will be interesting to see if other leagues and content creators will have to follow suit.

These video streaming services truly put more power than ever into the hands of the consumer and allowed them to get more of their favorite media, when they want it and how they want it, at a fraction of the cost.


In this day and age, the word Google is not just the name of a business, it’s a verb. In the past, it was a big deal for people to give someone a phone call or go to the library. In this day and age, a task for searching is referred to as googling something, in the common vernacular, which speaks volumes to how big and influential the company’s search machine has been. Using Ggoogle has transformed the way that the world searches for its information. The company created a search engine that allows people to pool the webask for any topic that they can think of. The search engine then scours the entire world wide webWorld Wide Web, in order to retrieve the most relevant information to the consumer.

Since thenits beginning, the company has gone on to beat out a plethora of other search engines, including HotBot, Alta Vista, Yahoo!, Lycos, Infoseek and Ask Jeeves. It has emerged as the standard when it comes to search engines, and the company has grown to own a lot of enterprises and to offer a series of services that cater to people across all different platforms.

For instance, Google comes out with a line of Android powered cell phones, offers e-mail and storage, launched a social media site, Google Plus, extends free phone lines with Google Voice and has even come out with testing for a series of cars that drive themselves, allowing people to just ride in them as passengers. The company changed not only the way that people use the internet, with its many different products, it changed the way that people do a number of things.

Just the simple fact that, whenever a person needs to learn how to do something, or pull just about any fact that the world could want, it is always a simple Google search away has changed how people view information. Since the company can be reached on today’s smartphone through the web and a series of easy to use mobile apps, people are always within reach of any kind of information that they could want to know. Simple voice commands on phones now allow people to simply hold the phone up to the stereo to learn the title of a song, with a direct link to purchase it, or they can also say the name of a business or street address into their phone, in order to get instant directions on any point in the world, including routes and times by car, bike, walking or public transportation.

It has truly revolutionized the way that everybody in the world seeks information and solves problems in their lives. Because Google has become so good at pulling information and services from all reaches of the world, the company changes a person’s thinking process, by arming them with powerful tools that they can use anywhere in the world. The company has grown so big that their applications and processes are available widely and easily over a plethora of platforms, allowing anybody to use it to their advantage.

Many people all over the world have taken advantage of the usefulness of Google, by patterning their business marketing after it. This form of marketing, known as search engine optimization, or SEO for short, has allowed a number of businesses to increase their visibility, as a means to bring in a greater deal of more customers and get more exposure. This form of network marketing, at its core, consists of using a certain combination of keywords on a company’s website, which match the sort of search words that people put into Google and which will therefore that will allow the company’s site to pull higher to the top of the Google search engine results. For instance, a person that sells cars in a specific city can include a variety of key words thatwords, which are commonly searched for, throughout their page, in order to get more matches, by more people. For instance, a person who sells cars in Miami might want to create web content that reflects it and would be searched by many people, such as “car dealerships in Miami”, “Miami car dealerships” and other such combinations.

By including these within the content, people will be able to make sure that they are making the most of these searches and making it so that their page is pulled returned in the search results at higher rates than others. People in web design and internet marketing learn a variety of strategies in this area of focus, so that they can make it so that their site is always getting the attention that it deserves. This is a unique skill that is constantly evolving and takes a lot of expertise. The bottom line is that the fact that so many companies are basing their work upon how to best please and manipulate Google, shows that this company has changed the internet and the way that people use the internet.

The company is now worth several billion dollars, due to the fact that it was able to provide for such an extraordinary need, and do it in such a way that allowed them to constantly evolve. In the same way that the telephone set the standard for how people keep in touch on a person to person basis, Google has changed the way that people seek information from all types, and other methods have had to adjust their strategies.

The advent of search methods like Google made libraries have to include more computers and computer friendly methods of doing business, since the world was speeding up around them. People are armed with more information at the tips of their fingers in their homes, due to the sheer amount of information that is now made available, thanks to Google. One could think of the internet as a vast world with no map, before Google came along and provided both a map and a compass, along with a storefront that everyone could shop at for anything in the world, figuratively speaking. It is the most used search tool on the planet and has been for some time, which is why historians need to recognize the contributions put forth by the company Google.


Aside from the advent of Google, smartphones are also a method of communication that have has changed the world. In the past, a telephone just consisted as of a device that put one person in touch with the other over audio airwaves. Now, phones are completely digital and give people the opportunity to take pictures and videos, browse the web, send e-mail, play games, shop, watch movies and do basically anything else in the world that they can do on other electronic devices. The fact that nearly every person of a certain age in the world owns a cell phone says a lot about the human experience now.

This is the first time in history that every human walked walks around with a device that connected connects them to the rest of the world. This clearly marks the third frontier of the internet, in which every person is interconnected in some method. The fact that most people walk around with these digital powerhouses in their pockets has changed the way that companies do business and how consumers buy products. In the past, people were always driving and traveling, so billboards were a great way to get their attention. Now, everyone has their head in a phone, so companies will need to communicate on mobile phones in order to get their attention.

Further, social media is tailor made for cell phone technology. For many social media apps, it almost feels cumbersome to have to log on to a computer to use them. Mobile technology allows these programmers to create stripped down versions of the social media platforms that are easier to digest while on the go, so that people don’t have to worry about bogging themselves down with unnecessary steps when trying to share with the world. A person can take a photo or make a comment that reaches the entire world if they take just a few seconds to post it. The process is so easy that it truly gives power to the individual and makes it so that people can communicate with the world without having to have a lot of money or experience. This truly evened the playing field in a lot of ways, and has changed the way that news is reported.

Since a person can be communicating with the world in a matter of seconds by using their smart phone, they may not always have to go through the same checks and balances and channels that freelance journalists go through. While news organizations certainly have long standing reputations and clout that allows them more visibility and trust, this is a time in which professional journalists are constantly getting beaten out by regular bystanders on the scene. It has also made it so that a person can become famous overnight by posting a certain video, which may go viral across the web. People are able to easily publish whatever they want from these incredible devices, and it shows the far reach of the internet and how every person is now connected because of it.

In terms of internet programming, the smartphone changed the way that developers approach the internet as well. In the past, web site programming was strictly limited to computer use, but now, these developers must make sure that their code is useful for people browsing the web on smart phones, tablets and other similar devices. In fact, many people go an entire day operating processes from their phones that they used to do on the computer, without having to even use one. This has made it necessary for businesses to change the way that they reach people, as every site now must be mobile optimized in order to be successful.

In terms of content, the vast majority of people now look at some form of news on their phone, which is why news sites have begun taking advantage of aggregators, apps, alerts and other ways to make sure that the mobile web experience is as good as it possibly can be. This provides people with the sort of help that they need in order to take full advantage of the web and everything in it. Regardless of the sort of device a person has, their habits are dictated by daily use of the internet on a mobile device, in most cases. People are constantly seeking new ways to organize their lives through the use of the smart phone and do so in a lot of different ways, usually powered over the internet.

Due to 3G and 4G cell phone plans, people are able to browse the web on a regular basis with their device, without even having to use a computer. Due to that fact, cell phone providers are constantly having to beef up their technology, in order to account fordeal with the rise in data use and increase in customers. They must be able to account focope withr the overwhelming amount of data that is typically used when people go onuse the internet on their phones, because people are finding new and different ways to access their media at high speeds.

This provides people with newer and better ways to take full advantage of their internet use and allows them to do it on their own terms. Mobile companies now offer a plethora of flexible plans now, with most centering on data, rather than talk minutes, as they were in the past. This is due to the fact that people now surf the web on their phones and use data at a much greater frequency than they talk, as people can accomplish a lot of the same with a text, tweet or Facebook messages.

This has even changed the way that people communicate, since many people are more accustomed to communicating with digital technology as opposed to in person or over the phone contact. A lot of case studies have been done to this effect, and show that people are shifting their social habits greatly, compared to in previous years when these forms of technology were not available. When looking into the history of the internet, the smart phone has a huge chapter, due to the role that it has played.


These days, it seems as though access to wireless internet is as precious as gold. People pile into coffee shops all over the country on a regular basis in order to use the wi-fiWi-Fi that is made available to customers. This is a prospect that continues to grow, because of the increase in devices that people use that give them access to wi-fiWi-Fi. When people are traveling, they might also want a place to stop really quickly in order to use the wi-fiWi-Fi and communicate on their devices at higher speeds. It is rare to go into a high profile business that does not provide people with connection to their devices. It is a connection that allows people to make the most out of their time on their device, since wireless signal is very strong and allows a number of people to take full advantage of it at the same time.

Every airport, hotel or other business will come equipped with wireless internet, so that people can truly relax and enjoy their stay or their time spent at the business, with the luxury of surfing the web at high speeds. Many people in business rely on these little business hubs and lounges, so that they can conduct high powered business that allows them to not miss a beat as they move from place to place. This high powered function took the spread of the internet to new heights, because it allows people to use their information while on the go and without having to be stationary.

When people first started using the internet, it was very stationary, as they had to be connected to a device that was currently connected to a phone line. This meant that, more often than not, people were sitting at a work station in a room, and their time on the internet was more limited. Next came high speed internet, which allowed people to do more at greater speeds, so people could accomplish a lot more things with their forays into the web. Because of this, people would spend greater amounts of time in one place, since the internet was more stimulating and the devices still had to be hooked in one location.

The next evolution of this, wireless internet, takes the same high speed signal that allows people to accomplish a lot with their internet time, and shoots it out over a designated distance, so that anyone within that distance can operate on their device, without having to be physically plugged in. Since they did not have to be physically plugged in, it was easier for people to connect on smaller devices, such as e-readers, tablets and cell phones. It increased the way that businesses allowed people to communicate and also created interactive experiences that people could participate in while logged on to the wi-fiWi-Fi. Now, people can even use wi-fiWi-Fi when they board a plane, so that they never have to lose contact with the world wide webWorld Wide Web, even when in the sky.

By increasing the reach of the internet as a whole, it allows people to enjoy themselves and get a lot of things done, without having to worry about the limitations of wired internet. For instance, now people can be on the computer, video game or other device in the same house, without having to create new sockets and outlets throughout the house. This allows people to keep their property untamperedhouse without cables needing to be put in the walls, and makes for cleaner installation of internet equipment. People can create entire office spaces and have them up and running in minutes, since they are sharing a signal, rather than drilling holes and installing plugs all throughout the offices.

This has also changed the way that internet technology professionals handle their work, as they are able to create bigger and more expansive networks, since they are dealing with digital signal transportation, as opposed to the installation of more hardware. They are able to have a greater number of people logged into one system and can give each person a variety of log- ins that they could use all throughout the building and outside of the building. This also has changed the way that people use internet security, as it is incredibly vital that these networks come with serious encryption, so that a person does not log on to the network and potentially compromise secure information stored inside the computer systems. This is vitally important, because a lot of information is broadcast through shared wireless signals. Wired systems are a lot harder to break into, since the signal is not shared over open airwaves. However, every invention comes with its new set of circumstances to deal with, and most people will be in good hands as longt as they maintain the proper encryption to keep tabs on the things that they communicate.

Wireless internet has been an important invention, because these signals are often a lot stronger than standard 3G signals that people use on their cell phones. In order to keep up with the technology, the mobile companies had to create 4G, which can offer similar speeds. The reason for this is that people have much lower speeds when using 3G than they would using wi-fiWi-Fi.

These developments show that companies are consistently looking for ways to make the internet faster and more efficient for people to use whenever they would like. It shows that wireless was the clear next frontier in terms of making the internet incredibly fast and allowing people to use it on the go. It was the foundation that set the tone for a lot of other advancements and is a social tool that bonds people within brick and mortar businesses in locations, in ways that one could say the internet was beginning to cause to thin out. This is why when looking at the advancement of the internet, people have to make sure that they include wi-fiWi-Fi on the timeline as a very important and influential step.


One of the most important things that people do online now, that have has truly changed the world of the internet, and society as a whole, is shopping. In fact, there are plenty of people who do the bulk of their shopping online, saving most of their in person shopping to for groceries and nothing else. In fact, a lot of people do all of their Christmas shopping online now, as opposed to in person. In addition to Black Friday deals at the malls and the big box stores, there is also a Cyber Monday, in which there are plenty of incredible discounts and deals available only by shopping online.

There are plenty of enterprises online that are now online only, but allow people to get an incredible amount of deals without ever having to walk into a store. In a lot of situations, these prices are very inexpensive, compared to the things that people can find when shopping in person. The inventory is vast compared to the inventory found on a store shelf, and people can enjoy a variety of cheap shipping charges and speedy deliveries that used to cost a lot more money. This is a great way for people to save some money or time when it comes to their shopping experiences. This took a while, because many people in the past were wary over shopping online, because they thought that it was not safe.

However, as time passed and internet use increased, people were able to become more and more involved with online shopping, because the best online companies made it simple. They made it so that people just had to long on and provide their credit card information, or they could also use PayPal, a form of safe online payment that made it easy for people to send and receive money over the years. Because of this, people branched out into a lot of forms of online shopping, both when using their computers and now, more than ever, taking shopping trips on their phones. This allowed people an easier means to buy something on a whim, including music, videos, apps and more.

There are plenty of programs and apps that are set up that allow people to buy a product with just one click, if they have stored their payment information online. These forms of online payment have made it easier for people to pay for things in person as well, with new inventions like Google Wallet, which allows people the opportunity to make a payment without having to even open their wallets. Uber, a driving service, allows people to get a ride whenever they want to, similar to a taxi service, by using their card information that is stored in their account and by calling for their ride through the use of a mobile app.

This shows that people are able to arrange something as great as a ride by strictly using the internet and without ever having to pick up the phone and have a single conversation. The internet has grown by great leaps and bounds in this regard, making people’s lives easier. Because of this, people are better able to do all that comes with the territory and are able to take full advantage of these services easier than ever, when it comes to a wide variety of circumstances. No matter what people look into or enjoy, they are able to do this by logging online and taking full advantage of it wherever they may be. When looking into these matters, it becomes clear that the internet has changed and taken new forms, which have been an excellent means of getting things done.


Without question, the internet is one of the most important tools to come along in the last 100 years. Sure, the telephone has revolutionized communication and the television brings people together to learn about things happening all over the world, but the internet has taken the best aspects of both of those inventions and revolutionized them in ways that have never before been seen. The internet is a tool that all people will come in contact with and one that they have to in order to truly embrace and enjoy many of the benefits that are available in life.

When a person is thinking of ways that the internet has come into prominence, it is important for people to take a look at these many steps, which have accumulated over time. For instance, one of the most important things to happen to the internet was the service America Online. This company provided people with a great means by which they could jump online and communicate with people. It also provided a visual interface to the internet that is warm, easy and welcoming, which makes a lot of sense out of the vast landscape of the internet. This was one of the biggest steps in getting people to communicate with each other over the internet, and perhaps the most important in bringing the internet into the mainstream. Other developments, such as cable high speed internet, Napster, smart phone, social media networks and online shopping, truly changed the way that people use the internet. The internet has had to adjust to these developments, so that everyone has had to figure out new ways to get the information that they need and to better communicate with one another.

Any person who considers themselves an internet historian should look into this e-book as a tool that teaches how people have taken the internet and used it to their advantage, through the progressions it made. It has been considered one of the most important tools or inventions to come along and has given people a great means by which they could take full advantage of everything that comes to the territory. Those who want to look into information should start with this guide, in order to figure out how the internet has taken on new heights and allowed people to change the way that they live and interact.